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Summer Term 6th class


On the 18th of May we took part in the Garda sports day in the A.I.T. The day featured lots of different activities such as: 100 meters race, 200 meters race, 400 meters race, long jump, high jump and 4×100 meters relay. Everyone did really well in the events that they took part in.Akesh, Amanda, Tara and the girls relay team (Amanda, Aoife, Danielle and Emma) all came home with medals.

Akesh came 3rd in the boys 200m race, Amanda came 2nd in 200m race, Tara came 1st in the girls 400m race and the girls relay team came 3rd in the 4x100m relay race. We would like to express our appreciation to the A.I.T and to everyone involved in organising the event.  Congratulations to everyone who won a medal and took part in an event.

Basketball Tournament Roscommon

On Friday June the 8th we went to a basketball blitz in The Convent Sports Hall in Roscommon Town. This was the first year that this blitz was organised so it was new and exciting experience for everyone. Ms Connaughton coached the girls’ team and Mr Connolly coached the boys.The boys played excellently in their opening game which they won 6-0. The boys’ team unfortunately lost two other games and drew one, but had an enjoyable day overall. The girls won all of their group games convincingly which earned them a semi-final spot.The semi-final was a very tight encounter- our girls scored a basket but the other team came back to tie the game with another basket. In the final minute, Tara O’Sullivan intercepted an opposition pass and scored a crucial basket to claim victory and secure a place in the final.The final was a very close, tense match until Méabh was fouled and was awarded two free throws. Despite the pressure, Méabh kept her cool and scored both free throws.We were delighted and very proud that our girls were the first winners of the girl’s tournament.


Romeo & Juliet

The children of Ms Connaughton’s 6th Class studied the famous play Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare.

On Thursday 21st of June, we invited our parents to watch our performance. We had prepared hard; Ms Connaughton assigned roles, the actors and actresses read out their own parts from their scripts, started to act it out in the library, prepared our costumes and props, practised it on the stage before finally performing it in front of an audience. It was very enjoyable for both the cast and the audience. It was a pleasure to practise and perform.

Graduation Mass 2018

On the 21st of June 6th class had their graduation mass. It was a very emotional experience. It was the end of our journey in Cloonakilla National School but it was also the start of a new beginning. Everyone had a part in the mass.

After the mass Mrs O’Rourke had prepared a special speech. We then had a look back at the eight amazing years we had in this fantastic school which were put into a slideshow that was put together by all the teachers.

After the mass the parents had some treats with tea and coffee while we got ourselves ready to perform our play of Romeo and Juliet! It has been an amazing eight years with amazing classmates and teachers!

Summer Term 5th class.


I had lots of fun at Delphi. It was the best school tour ever and one of the best few days of my life. When I got to school I was so excited I could not wait to get on the bus! The scenery was spectacular. My favourite activity was bog hopping because after you got all mucky, there was a pond with slides into the water and  stuff like that.These are some negatives for example  the food .Also, it was too rainy and windy and for some of the activities you had to wait a long time for a go.I would give it a 9.25/10.00         James Doherty 5th class

Trail of Athlone

On Tuesday at 10:30 we went on a trail of Athlone. First we got on the bus. Then we got off at the Luan Art Gallery to go on a nature walk and answer questions. Some of the questions were hard and some were easy. After we handed up the questions we went to St. Peters and Pauls Church. When we got to the church, Ms. Cunniffe and Ms.Harney gave us a new sheet of questions. After we were finished outside the church, we went inside to answer the rest of the questions. We also had to be extremely quiet so it made it harder to ask your teammates for help. After we finally finished the questions we headed over to St. Mary’s church to answer the questions about the churches. Then we made our way to the Athlone castle. At the Athlone castle the questions were easier than all the other questions. I never noticed that there were so many tourists around the town. After about an hour and a half we went back to school. Katelyn Goode and Mya Conroy

Giraffa Cakes

In our class we did a piece of art call Giraffa cakes! They were so much fun to create and colour them! There was so many vibrant colours to choose from. We used oil pastels to colour them. The giraffe was hard to cut out.    Katelyn Goode and Mya Conroy

City of Bright Lights

During the year we did lots of art but this has to be one of my favourites. It was so fun to make the unique cities. There was so many different types of cities to create. I went for a more modern style. My friend went for a more futuristic style.   Mya Conroy and Katelyn Goode

Day of the Dead

So for our Mexico projects we made sugar skulls. First a template of our teacher. There was a sugar skull on it. We coloured the sugar skull and then cut it out. We got to customize our sugar skull with glitter and some accessories. They turned out amazing.  Katelyn Goode and Mya Conroy


On Wednesday our class made sculptures out of clay. Our class made some creative sculptures. I was very impressed with the finishing products. It was a very fun activity to do. Painting them was just as fun.    Mya Conroy and Katelyn Goode

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was a famous Mexican artist she made a lot of self-portraits. She painted with her mouth as she had a major back injury. These are our very own versions of her fabulous artwork.

More Art!!

Official Opening of New Cloonakilla N.S. Building

The official opening of the new  Cloonakilla N.S. building was on Thursday, June 7th 2018 at 1.30pm.

  • Bishop Kevin Doran
  • Failte: MC Siobhan McCabe-Deputy Principal
  • Unveiling of plaque
  • Mary O Rourke -Principal
  • School Choir
  • Minister Denis Naughten
  • Blessing cermony
  • Cutting of ribbon
  • Fr. John Deignan-Chairperson Cloonakilla N.S. B.O.M.
  • Mr. Tommy Cormican-Cloonakilla N.S. B.O.M.


GDPR and Data Protection- Privacy Statement

GDPR and Data Protection- Privacy Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) comes into effect on the 25th May 2018. The GDPR applies across the European Union and aims to give individuals more rights, control and understanding of how their personal data is processed.

Under GDPR the Department of Education and Skills are required to keep you informed of the types of data we hold on you and your child, the purpose it is used for, and your rights in relation to how it is processed.

The Department of Education and Skills, which provides for the education and training of people resident in the State, requires certain personal data on all learners in order to fulfil its function. For primary school pupils, this data is held on the Primary Online Database (POD). The data held on POD forms the basis of the allocation of resources to schools as well as statistical reporting on education; it is also used for research and analysis into the operation of the education system and the formation of future policies. Data is shared with the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection for validation purposes, and with the Central Statistics Office under Section 31 of the Statistical Act for statistical reporting and analysis.

The complete Privacy Notice, which outlines further information in relation to the data held by the Department, can be found on the Department’s website at the link below, as can full details of the Department’s data protection policy setting out how the Department will use your child’s data, as well as information regarding your child’s rights as a data subject. https://www.educatiHYPERLINK “”

If you have any further queries in relation to POD or the data held therein, the POD Helpdesk can be reached at 01 889 2311 or

Discover Primary Science STEM Showcase

Discover Primary Science STEM Showcase

On Thursday April 12th, all of the pupils in Cloonakilla NS took part in a science showcase as part of the Discover Primary Science and Maths program.  The showcase invited parents and grandparents to come and observe all of the work we have done this year in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class were busy on the day teaching parents and grandparents all they had learned. All of this work was completed as part of our application for the Discover Primary Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence award.

Spring Term 5th Class

St Brigid’s Day.

French Projects


In January fifth class learned all about France. We carried out projects based on France gathering as much interesting material as we could from as many sources as we could think of. We had three weeks to complete the project. Our impressive projects were scored on a rubric out of 100. We really enjoyed the project and held a French Friday on the day of the presentations to taste typical French foods. Cathal’s project got first place, Sean was in second and we had Billy and Kaitlin joint third place. Au revoir!

Written by:

Kevin Jordan, Sarah Geoghegan and Sean Noone

World Book Day

In March we had World Book Day. Fifth class made really cool comic strips with Mrs.Cronolly. We dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Later that day we did a book hunt with famous books and authors. We also ran a competition called “How well do you know your teachers?”. The teachers each brought in a book that they had read recently and the children using what they know about each teacher to choose which book they would be mostly likely to read! It was a difficult task but really fun. Now we know a lot more about our teachers. We all had a terrific day. Our class also dressed up as their favourite characters from the world of literature. We had lots of interesting characters including Gangsta Granny, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins ,An Assasin, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dorothy and Willy Wonka. We had lots of fun making our costumes and dressing up.

By Tara, Meabh, James and Cathal.

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