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Lecarrow Soccer Blitz 2018

Lecarrow Soccer Blitz 2018

On Tuesday 20th March, 2018, children from 5th and 6th classes represented our school in a soccer blitz against other Roscommon schools. There were many schools at the blitz, including Cornafulla, Summerhill, Cootehall, Cloonfad, Roxborough and Boyle. Two girls’ teams and three boys’ teams represented our school.

The girls A team were victorious against Cornafulla, Cootehall and Summerhill teams and reached the semi-finals. The girls B team faced tough opposition in their two games.

In the semi-finals the girls played Cornafulla team. The score was 1-1 after normal time. Unfortunately, in extra time, the Cornafulla girls scored a winning goal.

The boys A team played against Cornafulla, Summerhill and Cootehall teams. Our boys also reached the semi-finals after an exciting play-off. The boys faced an excellent Cloonfad team and unfortunately lost their semi-final.

Our two other boys teams played lots of schools including against Roxborough, Boyle and Cornafulla.

We all had a fantastic day and are excited for our next soccer blitz!

By Tara O’Sullivan, 6th class.

Our Chinese Projects

Our Chinese Projects

As part of SESE, sixth class studied the geography of China and also learned about Ancient China.

In small groups, we were assigned topics to research and present to our classmates. The topics included the Great Wall of China, the Chinese zodiac calendar, the Han Dynasty, wildlife in China, Chinese food and clothes, Emperor Qin and the terracotta army and the mountains and landscape of China.

We had the choice of presenting our projects in the form of a PowerPoint or poster format. Each group worked hard to research their topic and we learned lots from listening to each other’s presentations.

It was clear that everyone practiced their speaking parts as everyone was confident presenting their projects in front of the class.

Term 2 English 6th class



*Spoiler Alert: do not read this report if you want to read the novel or watch the movie “Wonder”*

“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”

Last term 6th class read the novel “Wonder” by R.J Palacio. It told the story of a boy, named August, who was born with facial abnormalities. We really enjoyed the book and we completed lots of interesting activities. The novel was told from the perspectives of different characters which was very interesting and provided us with some interesting insights.

This novel taught us many important life lessons, such as to be true to yourself and not to judge others by their appearance.

When we finished reading the novel we were brought to the IMC cinema in Athlone to watch the movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but very emotional.

In the movie Owen Wilson was starring as August’s Dad and Julia Roberts starred as his Mam. The movie omitted some details from the book, such as when August lost his hearing aid, when August received a new puppy and Summer’s perspective on events.

Overall it was a brilliant movie.

We really enjoyed reading the book and are looking forward to reading more novels.


“Always try to be a little kinder than necessary”

Term 2 Gaeilge 6th class


Comórtas ealaíne

Bhí comórtas ealaíne againn ó rang a trí go rang a sé le haghiagh Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Phioc na páistí seanfhocail amháin agus tharraing siad pictiúr chun dul leis.

Bhí an caighdeán an-ard.

Seo líosta den na buaiteoirí;

Rang a trí: Robyn Kilmartin agus Marianne Molloy

Rang a ceathair: Szymon  Skoczen agus Bruce Hollmann

Rang a cúig: Eleanor Gaffey

Rang a sé: Alannah Whyte

Go raibh maith agat do gach duine a ghlac páirt sa comórtas ealaíne agus comhghairdeas do na buaiteoirí.












































































The Amber Flag Initiative 2018.

The Amber Flag Initiative 2018 at Cloonakilla NS

Aim: To Promote Positive Mental Health at School

Our Goals:

Goal 1: To create an Amber Flag notice board in the school, promoting positive mental health strategies.

Goal 2: To hold a Fundraising Event and Awareness Day to promote positive mental health.

Goal 3: To hold a Design a Poster competition within the school to raise awareness of positive mental health strategies.

Meet the Amber Flag Team:

Student representatives: Illya Vents, Aaron Hurley, John Hurley, Leon Macken, Katelyn Goode,  Stephany Faria Fogaca, Abi O’Leary, Nathan Kelly, Lauren Murphy

Co-ordinating Teacher: Mrs. Cronolly


Competition Time. All children in 5th and 6th classes have received templates to design a Postive Mental Health poster.

Event; We will have a Bring “n” Buy Sale and Easter raffle coming up soon.

5th and 6th Class Debates.

  • The Judge has to make the hard decision!
  • Captain of the Proposing team.
  • Third speaker for the Proposing team.
  • A speaker from opposing team.
  • Second Speaker for the Opposing team
  • Debating teams with teacher.
  • Audience for the Debate
  • Second Speaker of the Proposing team.
  • Chairperson for Debate Christmas.. a time for gifts?
  • Question time with audience.
  • Third Speaker for the Proposing team.
  • Captain of the Opposing team
  • Third Speaker for the Opposing team.


  • Question time with the audience.
  • Chairperson for the debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The Opposing team.
  • The Opposing team.
  • The judge is making his hard decision!
  • The Captain for the Opposing team.
  • The Proposing Team.
  • Opposing team.
  • The Chairperson of the debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • Another judge with a hard decision!
  • Question time with the audience.
  • Fourth class pupils support the debate.
  • The Opposing team.
  • The captain of the winning team (Proposing ) makes her victory speech for the debate, "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • Question time with the audience.
  • The Proposing team.
  • The Opposing team
  • Question time with the audience.
  • Audience for debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • Debate announcement.
  • The Second Speaker for the Proposing team.
  • First Speaker for the Opposing team.
  • The winning team (Proposing ) for the debate, "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The captain of the winning team (opposing ) makes her victory speech!



Mrs. Cronolly has organised two debates for 5th and 6th classes since September. The first debate was held in December and the motion was “Christmas…a time for gifts?” The second motion was “Homework is good for us…isn’t it?” The second debate took place on Valentine’s Day.

4th, 5th and 6th classes, along with their teachers Ms. Cunniffe, Ms. Connaughton, Mr. Kilbride, Ms. Harney and Ms. Gately, were the audience for each debate.

The audience voted for the winning team at the Christmas debate. In February, 2 debates were held. Mr. Connolly judged one and Mrs. McCabe judged the other.

The teams worked very hard to put their speeches together and they received a great response from the audience. All of the participants did very well – the proposing teams, opposing teams, chairpersons, timekeepers, welcoming committee, photographers and prize givers.

Debating is a wonderful way for children to develop their research and team work skills, as well as a fantastic opportunity for them to take part in a public-speaking event.  The children involved were super and everyone enjoyed taking part.

Thank you to all involved!

By Stephany Caroline Faria fogaca 5th class.

Army Band Visit Report

The Custume Barracks Army Band


The army band from Custume Barracks came to our school on Tuesday the 28th of November 2017 to perform.

They showed us some of the instruments in the orchestra. Songs they played included: a Beauty and the Beast medley, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ (from Toy Story), a segment of the main theme of Star Wars (also verse 5 of Star Wars in 99 seconds: A New Hope), ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake – (from Trolls) and ‘Uptown Funk’ (by Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars.

Some children were called up to the stage by the army band instructor. Emma, Ella and Kyra in 5th were invited up to play some instruments. Stephany in 5th class thanked the army band for coming to perform for the school.


This article was written by Oisín Moran, 6th Class student at Cloonakilla N.S.

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders and Bird Cakes

6th class made bird feeders and bird cakes.

For the bird cakes, we cut a hole in a yogurt pot and put string through it.

Next we tied a lollipop stick to the string, to act as a perch.

We mixed melted lard with breadcrumbs, raisins and seeds and put the mixture in the pot and put it in the fridge to harden.

When the lard had hardened and set, we took it out of the pot and hung it up.

For the bird feeders we cut holes in a bottle and inserted chopsticks into the holes to act as the perches.

Next we made slightly larger holes for feeding holes. We used a funnel for filling it with seeds.

Next, we put the lid on the bottles and hung them up with string.

By Oisín Moran