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Home-Based Learning for 6th class.

Here are some websites that Ms. Kiely and Ms. Connaughton suggest for 6th class pupils.


 Séideán Sí        Choose your province and class level to view Irish games, activities and stories.

  ‘Ceol’ (YouTube)   Irish tunes, Eoghan McDermott got some chart topping artists on board to sing their tracks as Gaeilge. Search ‘Ceol Eoghan McDermott’ on Youtube.

 TG Lurgan also have a variety of recognizable songs. (Search TG Lurgan on YouTube) Worth a listen!


 Twinkl have a range of Irish resources – suitable to each class level. Download worksheets, or revise vocabulary by playing bingo!  Enter code IRLTWINKLHELPS upon registration to

 Cúla 4 Aimsir (YouTube)

 TG4 have a range of Aimsir videos on Youtube. Search ‘Cúla 4 Aimsir’


Maths Games – Websites (Covering various strands) 

 Top Marks


 Primary Games


 Math Playground


  Maths is Fun


 IXL               Provides challenging tasks, divided by class group and strands. 


 Manga High


  Manga High are now providing full access to their resources at no cost. The site promises engaging content on maths and coding. Also available on the app store. 

 Khan Academy                   Interactive challenges with helpful videos to support. (



 World Book Online


 Through Scoilnet, the Republic of Ireland now have access to World Book Online’s wide availability of books. 

Into the Book

Practice reading comprehension strategies with this handy online tool and accompanying videos. 


 Children’s Poetry Archive   Listen to the world’s best poetry read aloud. 


 Book Creator          Create your very own book on desktop or tablet

 Read-Write-Think: Acrostic Poems   Create your own acrostic poem using this handy online tool.


 National Geographic – Kids

 Games, videos & factual articles covering all SESE subjects, pitched at a child’s level. 


DK Findout

 Research across all SESE subjects on this child-friendly site.


 Ask About Ireland

 Science Foundation Ireland

December 6th class

Merry Christmas

Local Area Heritage:

Sixth class have been studying the history of our local area with heritage expert, Martin Curley.

Over a five week period, Martin led us through an exploration of the history of our local area using historical OSI maps to investigate how the area has changed over the past 200 years. The children explored their own townland, the people who lived there, the types of buildings, etc.

On October 11th, sixth classes went on a field trip to the nearby medieval town of Rindoon, Lecarrow. They observed historical features including the town wall, the abandoned castle, medieval hospital, church and mill. Among the ruins of the hospital, the children investigated some headstones. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed studying this aspect of the History curriculum.

A.I.T Science Show

As part of Science Week 2019, sixth class attended a science show hosted by Athlone Institute of Technology.


Sixth class children participated in cycling course which developed their skills and knowledge to become safer cyclists. During this four-week course, the children developed and practised skills including pedalling, balance, cornering, braking, scanning for potential hazards and signalling. The children enjoyed using the school grounds and car park to practice safe cycling techniques.


In science, we used cereal boxes and milk cartons to create periscopes which enable us to see around corners and over obstacles.

China Projects

Debate June

Inter-School Debating June 2019

For our end of year public speaking event in June 2019, our 6th class competed against Curraghboy NS. The motion was proposed by Curraghboy NS and opposed by Cloonakilla NS, who hosted the event. Parents, teachers and pupils from both schools attended to support the speakers and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. It was a robust debate and both teams demonstrated excellent public speaking skills and delivered their speeches in a very eloquent manner. Marguerite Quinlan, Deputy Principal of Colaiste Chiarain was the neutral adjudicator on the day, and she was very impressed by the high standard of public speaking and research compiled by the children. The motion was defeated and Cloonakilla were victorious on the day. Well done to all involved and enjoy the well-deserved summer break!

Summer term 6th class

Class tour We had a fantastic time!

6th class school tour to Birr

On Wednesday June 19th, we went on our school tour to Birr in County Offaly. It was an enjoyable journey to Birr because lots of people were eating their sweets along the way. When we arrived we were all really excited as we travelled to the river Shannon in Banagher to go canoeing. We were singing as we paddled down the river. We tipped over our canoes and we put clay on the canoes and we made a mud slide. It was brilliant fun! The teachers barely recognised us as our faces were covered in mud! When we canoed back to Banagher harbour, we were allowed to jump into the water from the pier. Some people were really brave and did front flips and cannon balls!

Later that day we played fun team games and we did archery and wall climbing. We all had an amazing day. We went home absolutely exhausted but we were so happy to have shared this exciting trip to Birr together.

By Mya Conroy and Tara Duignan.

May Debate Term 3

May Debate

On the 10th of May 2019, children from both 6th classes went head to head in an inter-class debate. The motion was “Today’s children are under more pressure than their parents and grandparents were”.

Children from Ms Kiely’s class proposed the motion and children from Ms Connaughton’s class opposed it.

It was a heated debate and all of the children were very well prepared. The motion was not carried on the day, as the audience voted in favour of the opposing team, but everyone spoke very well and it was a great debate.

Before the debate children from the Amber Flag Committee spoke to the audience about how to deal with stress and pressure and gave them some ideas of ways they could manage their stress and promote positive mental health. They did a great job and gave some great tips that we can all use to decrease our stress levels!Well done to all of the children involved.

Term 2 6th class

Public Speaking Event at Cloonakilla NS

On the evening of December 11th pupils from 5th and 6th classes and their teachers Ms Connaughton, Ms Kiely, Mrs Cronolly, Ms Harney and Ms Cunniffe held a public speaking event for our parents in the school hall. It was a great success.

The theme of the event was “Role Models.” Some of the children read a Seamus Heaney poem, others read aloud pieces they had written about their own personal role models. There was a debate on the night. The motion was “We need better role models for our generation” and the debaters on both sides had excellent speeches prepared. There was lovely musical entertainment provided by the children and Mrs O Rourke.

We were delighted to see so many of our families there to support us on the night. Our teachers and parents were very proud of us. We debated again with 4th class as an audience the next day and we hope that some of the children in that class will take part in public speaking next year. We will have another debate next term.

Term 2 6th Class

Confirmation 2019


On April 3rd 2019  we  made our Confirmation with children from Clonown  parish , in St Peter’s and Pauls Church Athlone.  We went to the church on Friday the 29th of March for a practice. We had an excellent practice and we were all feeling confident for the big day. We all had a splendid day with amazing reading from Katie Browning and Luke Duignan and some lovely Prayers of the Faithful from Therese Farrel, Juilet Shine, Zoe Collins, Kevin Jordan, Eleanor Gaffey and Lucy Barclay. Then Caimin Macken, Ryan Carberry, Dylan Berry, Amyleigh Harkin Brown ,Sarah Keenan, Mya Conroy and Seán Noone. Also some excellent singing from Kaitlin Mitchell, Tara Duignan, Kyra Brennan Donovan, Stephany Faria Fogaca, Aoife Carroll and Aaron Hurley. Finally we had the Reflection from James Doherty and Emma Fitzpatrick. We all had a wonderful day making our Confirmation and everyone did absolutely brilliant. We hope everyone had a nice day with their families .  Thanks to our wonderful teachers who helped us along the way Ms Kiely and Miss Connaughton, and to our marvellous choir from 4th and 5th classes and Mrs O’Rourke who played the piano. WELL DONE TO EVERYONE!!!! By Aaron Hurley and Zoe Collins.

Seachtain Na Gaeilge 2019


During Seachtain Na Gaeilge 2019 our school had a Ceilí in our hall. Children from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th classes took part in the Ceilí.The 3rd and 4th class pupilsperformed “The German Clap Dance” and the “Siege of Ennis”.The children from 5th and 6th classes danced “The Walls of Limerick” and “La Vinca”. Then Fionn played the harp, Cathal played the accordian, Leon played the violin and Lauren danced a jig.Everyone had a great time dancing and performing the dances they worked hard on learning.


Spar 5-a-side Soccer League.

During March, three girls teams and three boys teams represented our school and took part in the Spar 5-a-side soccer league. Every team played three games. One of  the boys teams qualified for the semi -finals. Cornafulla N.S., Ballybay N.S., Roxborough N.S. and Abbeycarton N.S. were also at the tournament. There were very strong teams at the tournament. Everyone at the tournament had fun. By Sarah G, John Hurley and Sean Noone.

J.E.P Showcase Day

On 21st of March 2019 our fifth and sixth classes showcased their J.E.P products in the school hall. Parents, teachers and pupils could buy the products and enter various competitions on the day.

The four J.E.P. products were

  1. D.I.Y The Healthy Way
  2. Bangin’ Bracelets
  3. Multiboxes
  4. Premium Tye – Dye T- shirts

Every group sold lots of products and made a profit. Everyone had great fun at the showcase day and we learned all about being entrepreneurs.

Saving Energy Lesson

During March we had a “Switch It Off Month.”

We learned all about energy and how to save energy with Mr O’Leochain. We discussed renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.

We looked at a clock that was getting the energy from two potatoes. The clock was connected to the potatoes with two wires.

We also looked at a dinosaur plant that has been dormant for 50 years and we tried to bring it back to life. We placed the dinosaur plant in a bowl of water and it slowly started to turn green and make its own energy through photosynthesis.

We also looked at a shrimp. The shrimp hadn’t been fed for 3 or 4 years, but it feeds itself by from the algae on the glass.

We also observed small pieces of volcanic rock. It had lost all of its energy and therefore was lighter than a normal rock.

Then Mr O’Leochain explained how the bog is formed and the energy that comes from a sod of turf.

We all enjoyed learning about energy and that there is energy in everything!

Cycling Course

6th Class did a cycling course as part of the Active Flag Programme in the School. We did it for four weeks and it was a lot of fun cycling.

We learned how to be safe on the road cycling and we also learned the m-check and the signals on the bike. We learned about the two o’clock position on the bike and also the primary and secondary position on the bike and why we have to wear a helmet safely. We got up on the bikes and to put this into practice. We split into two groups and practised cycling around the yard then we moved onto the carpark and practised our signals. Once we knew all these skills we moved onto the road and went for a small cycle. We have all learned a lot from the course and we had a lot of fun participating in the cycling course. Now we all know how to ride a bike safely and carefully without being in danger. 

Term 1 6th Class.


In November, during science week, Ms McCullagh came into sixth class to show us how to use scratch programming on the laptops.There was a cat on the screen and she showed us how you could move him around, make noises and get different backgrounds like under the sea, the beach, a football pitch and lots more.I really enjoyed playing scratch. I would highly recommend it.                   By Méabh O’Higgins

Our Chinese Projects

As part of SESE, sixth class studied the geography of China and also learned about Ancient China.  In small groups, we were assigned topics to research and present to our classmates. The topics included the Great Wall of China, the Chinese zodiac calendar, the Han Dynasty, wildlife in China, Chinese food and clothes, Emperor Qin and the terracotta army and the mountains and landscape of China.We had the choice of presenting our projects in the form of a PowerPoint or poster format. Each group worked hard to research their topic and we learned lots from listening to each other’s presentations.  It was clear that everyone practiced their speaking parts as everyone was confident presenting their projects in front of the class.

6th class Periscopes Experiment

Pupils in our class brought in milk cartons or cereal boxes for our science experience. We were making periscopes.Firstly we glued a template on to a cereal box or milk carton and carefully cut through the dotted lines with scissors. We inserted the mirrors into the wider sides and we cut windows on the narrow sides to look through.We tested our periscopes by crouching under our teacher’s desk or by the windowsill. We were able to use the periscopes to see above the wall/desk. In real life, periscopes are used by soldiers in trenches or in submarines. We all really enjoyed making the periscopes.                     By Tara Duignan and Méabh O’Higgins



Clann na nGael Gaelic football club won the county final! They visited our school with the Fahey Cup . Well done to all involved!

On Thursday October 11th officials from Clann na nGael Gaelic Football club came to our school to speak to us about the county final between Clann na nGael and their local rivals, St. Bridgid’s. The officials brought the cup and showed us the amazing Rossie bus. They talked to us about an art competition; you could enter by drawing the Rossie bus and the prizes included Roscommon gear.

Clann na nGael defeated Bridgid’s in the county final by a score of 4-15 to 1-12.

By James Doherty 6th class