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Term 2 2nd Class

The pupils are very busy this term ! They have worked collaboratively on the online platforms Zoom and Seesaw. They created videos, projects, stories Art work and lots more on the Cloonakilla N.S. seesaw account! Happy Easter everyone!

A Recount on World Book Day from a pupil in Mr. Connolly’s Second Class.

World Book day is celebrated on the 4th of March. Yesterday was World Book Day and I had so much fun! First, the class and I had to design bookmarks. There was four. To me it was hard to think of something to draw on them but I figured it out and ended up nice. On the first bookmark, I drew a boy helping his sister to read. On the second, I drew a mouse reading a book about a girl and a mammoth and to others. Next, we made comic strips. Mine was about packman being chased by a ghost. After that, we did a quiz on books, the teacher called out clues and we guessed the answers. Then we had to draw visuals on a book called “A Tiny Turtle”. Finally, we designed book covers of our favourite books. Mine was “The Ice Monster”. Then we went back home. It was a great day!

St. Patrick’s Day Art!

Term 1 Second Class.

The pupils in Second Class are very busy this term!

Autumn Art!

Autumn Art
Self Portrait!
Self Portrait!
Self Portrait!

This term we did recount writing in English.

History Myself How I have changed Then and Now

Narrative Writing.

Christmas Art.