Letter from Principal.

I am delighted to say that we have reopened our school safely in-line with current guidelines and recommendations.

The success of our Re-opening Plan can be attributed to the co-operation invested from all members of our School Community – Board of Management, School Leadership Team, Staff, Parents and pupils.

Our Pupils and staff have adapted to the new routines so well and must be commended for their absolute compliance with the “new normal”.  We are delighted to be back in school but must continue to be vigilant and keep on our guard so that schools can remain open and teaching and learning can proceed in this new era.

The document “Re-opening of Cloonakilla NS” outlines the measures taken to combat the virus.  This is a live document so please refer to it from time to time as it will change in line with Public Health and D.E.S. advice.  It seems inevitable that cases of Covid-19 will occur in the school setting.  We will deal with this if or when it occurs and will follow H.S.E. advice thereafter.

For now we must work together to try and suppress the virus while providing educational and psychological support for our pupils. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.

Kind Regards,

Mary O’Rourke


2020 – 2021  School Year in Pictures!

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine” – “In the shadow of each other, we live”

Cloonakilla N.S.

Cloonakilla N.S. is a Catholic co-educational school situated in south Co. Roscommon on the outskirts of Athlone. The children attending the school come from a mixed rural and urban background. It is a mainstream school with  sixteen class teachers and an administrative Principal. It also has six SEN teachers, and five Special Needs Assistants. The school also has the services of a caretaker and a secretary.

??????????????A skilled staff provide a broad curriculum and wide range of activities. In addition to the curriculum children also take part in the following: Gaelic football, soccer, tag rugby, swimming, tin whistle band, choir, quiz teams, Discover Primary Science, Green-Schools Programme and liturgical services. All children are encouraged to reach their full potential in a happy and safe environment that is conducive to learning. The staff, Board of Management and Parents Association work closely together to ensure that all pupils are cherished equally in an atmosphere of openness and freedom. Our learning environment is child-centred where each child is valued, cared for and respected.

Our Mission Statement

Growth: We are dedicated to the Spiritual, emotional and intellectual development of each child
Openess: We aim to provide a positive, inclusive atmosphere and environment based in the mutual co-operation of all involved in its activities
Special: We recognise that each person is created in the image of God
Prayer: Prayer forms a part of our everyday school life
Encouragement: We encourage the children to grow within the Catholic faith
Learning: We provide support for all children to learn
Valued: Each pupil and member of staff is valued for the contribution they make to school life
Acceptance: We accept and respect the religious beliefs of others
Love: We aim to live according to Jesus’ command “Love one another as I have loved you”
Unique: We recognise that each pupil has individual needs and abilities and that each develops at a different rate
Experience: We are open to our responsibilities and links with our parish
Society: Our aspiration is to educate our pupils so that they will be fully integrated members of society