New Entrants

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Cloonakilla National School leaflet
New Entrants Application Form
Admission and Enrolment Policy

Application for Admission of New Pupils

Name of Child: ______________________________ Date of Birth: ___________________
Parent’s/Guardian’s Name: ____________________________________________________
Home Address: ______________________________________________________________


Telephone (Home): ____________________           Child’s Gender: ____________________

Nationality: __________________________________

First Language: ___________________________

Mother’s Work: __________________________

Mother’s Mobile: ______________________________

Father’s Work: ___________________________

Father’s Mobile: _______________________________

If parents are not available – Contact: ____________________________________________

Arrangements to be made if child has an accident or illness at school: __________________________________________________________

Do you give permission for your child to be taken directly to hospital in the case of serious illness or accident? ___________________________________________________

Religious Denomination: _______________________________

Any Previous School Attended: _________________________________________________

Any Health Problems: ________________________________________________________
(allergies, asthma, sight, hearing, epilepsy, speech, etc.)

Name, Address & Telephone of Family Doctor: ____________________________________

Does any legal order under Family Law exist that the school should be aware off?
Did the child previously attend?

  1. a) Créche (Please circle)                      Yes                 No
    b) Montessori (Please circle)               Yes                 No
    c) Playschool (Please circle)                 Yes                 No
    d) None of the above (Please circle)   Yes                 No


I consent to allow my child to take part in all the activities/tours/sport according as they arise
(Please circle)              Yes                 No
I consent to allow my child to be photographed for the local media or for school purposes
(Please circle)              Yes                 No

I consent to allow my child to participate in Liturgical celebrations in keeping with our Catholic ethos, such as Mass, Choir, etc.
(Please circle)              Yes                 No
I have read the Code of Discipline with my parents and I agree to comply with this code while I am a pupil in Cloonakilla National School.
(Please circle)              Yes                 No

Child’s Signature:                   ____________________________________________

Parent’s/Guardian’s Signature: ____________________________________________

Please attach a Birth Certificate with this application. It will be returned to you presently. enclose a deposit of €20 to pay for PE Top and Arts & Crafts for Junior Infants. Deposit is not refundable. Balance of payment will be required in September.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________Date: _____________