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Websites for 5th class for Home- based Learning

Here are some websites that Ms. Cunniffe and Ms. Harney recommend for Fifth class pupils.

Safe Search Engines for kids:




SESE (History, Geography, Science):

P.E /SPHE:  – This provides a selection of free videos, including dancing, exercise, meditation and reflection activities.

10 @ 10

Art :

General Resources:

Debating Term 1


On the 24th of October, Ms Connaughton’s and Ms Kiely’s 6th classes debated the motion “All children should have daily chores. Mrs Cronolly prepared the children for the debate, the judges were Ms Cunniffe, Ms Harney and Ms Glynn. 5th and 6th classes, Mrs O Rourke and some of the teachers and SNAs, and some of our parents came to the debate. The proposing team was Kevin, Ruby, Lauren and Emma from Ms Kiely’s class. The opposing team was Emma, Fionn, Daniel and Jay from Ms Connaughton’s class. Kevin and Emma were the team captains. Rachel Murphy was the chairperson. Both teams spoke superbly and had prepared well for their speeches. We were very impressed by each speaker. The motion was not carried. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Summer Term 5th class

Steam project

Steam: Week 1

  • How does the Leaning Tower of Pisa not fall?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built by Bonanno Pisano in 1173, now that’s a long time ago! It was built in Pisa. Enough of the facts, lets now find out how the Leaning Tower of Pisa hasn’t fallen yet! 5 years after the tower was built it started to lean 0.2 degrees north of vertical. A few years later the tower tilted 1 degree south.     

           Outstandingly it’s still tilting up to this day! The reason why this beautiful tower started to tilt is the foundation under the tower started to soften a lot. It was because it started to rain quite a lot in Pisa, Italy. That is how the Leaning Tower of Pisa is still leaning is said to probably live for another 200 years! Thank you for reading this.

Steam: Week 2

Today during ‘Steam’ I learned about process engineering. ‘Process Engineering’ is the branch of engineering that is concerned with industrial processes, especially design, operation and control. We were shown a powerpoint about process engineering. In the powerpoint we learnt about isometric dots. Isometric dots are dots that engineers use to sketch the things that they will build. We were given an isometric dot sheet to do. We had to draw certain shapes on the sheet. We also learnt how rice is made. It was very interesting. Then we did our daily assignment. We had to make working sweet factories that had working systems.

Steam: Week 3

Today during ‘STEAM’ I learned about mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with design, construction and use of machines. We were shown an interesting PowerPoint. During the PowerPoint, we were shown a video of a man who found a very interesting and inventive way of opening his door. It would be way easier and faster to just open the door manually. Nevertheless it was still interesting and creative. Then we had to blutac two marbles on either side of a ruler and then put the ruler halfway off the table to see if it will balance. Then we were taught about wind turbines and had to make our own one. It was hard but my team and I got ours finished. That’s this week’s steam round-up.

Steam: Week 4

Today during STEAM I learned about ‘transport engineering.’ Transport engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with functional design and operation. We were shown a powerpoint. During the powerpoint we were shown a video on how a plane works. It was hard to understand but at least I learnt something. Then I had to make a paper plane.  We then learnt a bit more about transport engineering on the powerpoint. Then we had to do our weekly assignment. We had to make boats that floated and could hold cargo.

Steam: Week 5

Today during ‘STEAM’ I learned about environmental engineering. Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with using natural sources. We were shown a powerpoint. During the powerpoint we were shown a video.

Art Activities


Cooking All Stars at Cloonakilla NS

Over the past 6 weeks the children from 5th class have been taking part in the Cooking All Stars Programme with Mrs. Cronolly, Ms. Harney and Breege. SuperValu provided all of the recipes, cookery equipment and aprons, and Smith’s SuperValu Monskland generously provided the ingredients for each week’s lesson. We learned lots of cookery new skills and practised making some delicious new recipes. We tried out a new one each week.

  • On week 1 we learned about the food pyramid and healthy eating.
  • For week 2 we made scrambled eggs.
  • In week 3, on Pancake Tuesday, we made pancakes with healthy bananas as a topping.
  • On week 4, we made granola.
  • We made tomato marinara sauce for pasta on week 5.
  • We made hummus on week 6.
  • We had lots of fun each week and we each got a little recipe booklet at the end with some new recipes to try at home with our families.



The children from Ms Harney’s Class are taking part in the SuperValu Cooking All Stars Programme during Tem 2 2019. Each week the focus will be on learning a key cookery skill and learning fun facts about a hero ingredient. Then we will have a demo by Ms Harney and Mrs Cronolly and a practical lesson where we will cook a healthy recipe for our classmates. We can then take our skills home and practise cooking healthy meals with our families.