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Spring Term 5th Class

St Brigid’s Day.

French Projects


In January fifth class learned all about France. We carried out projects based on France gathering as much interesting material as we could from as many sources as we could think of. We had three weeks to complete the project. Our impressive projects were scored on a rubric out of 100. We really enjoyed the project and held a French Friday on the day of the presentations to taste typical French foods. Cathal’s project got first place, Sean was in second and we had Billy and Kaitlin joint third place. Au revoir!

Written by:

Kevin Jordan, Sarah Geoghegan and Sean Noone

World Book Day

In March we had World Book Day. Fifth class made really cool comic strips with Mrs.Cronolly. We dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Later that day we did a book hunt with famous books and authors. We also ran a competition called “How well do you know your teachers?”. The teachers each brought in a book that they had read recently and the children using what they know about each teacher to choose which book they would be mostly likely to read! It was a difficult task but really fun. Now we know a lot more about our teachers. We all had a terrific day. Our class also dressed up as their favourite characters from the world of literature. We had lots of interesting characters including Gangsta Granny, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins ,An Assasin, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dorothy and Willy Wonka. We had lots of fun making our costumes and dressing up.

By Tara, Meabh, James and Cathal.

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The Amber Flag Initiative 2018.

The Amber Flag Initiative 2018 at Cloonakilla NS

Aim: To Promote Positive Mental Health at School

Our Goals:

Goal 1: To create an Amber Flag notice board in the school, promoting positive mental health strategies.

Goal 2: To hold a Fundraising Event and Awareness Day to promote positive mental health.

Goal 3: To hold a Design a Poster competition within the school to raise awareness of positive mental health strategies.

Meet the Amber Flag Team:

Student representatives: Illya Vents, Aaron Hurley, John Hurley, Leon Macken, Katelyn Goode,  Stephany Faria Fogaca, Abi O’Leary, Nathan Kelly, Lauren Murphy

Co-ordinating Teacher: Mrs. Cronolly


Competition Time. All children in 5th and 6th classes have received templates to design a Postive Mental Health poster.

Event; We will have a Bring “n” Buy Sale and Easter raffle coming up soon.

5th and 6th Class Debates.

  • Third Speaker for the Proposing team.
  • Debating teams with teacher.
  • Third Speaker for the Opposing team.
  • Captain of the Proposing team.
  • A speaker from opposing team.
  • Captain of the Opposing team
  • Third speaker for the Proposing team.
  • Chairperson for Debate Christmas.. a time for gifts?
  • The Judge has to make the hard decision!
  • Second Speaker for the Opposing team
  • Audience for the Debate
  • Question time with audience.
  • Second Speaker of the Proposing team.


  • The Proposing team.
  • Opposing team.
  • The Opposing team
  • Audience for debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The Proposing Team.
  • Chairperson for the debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • Debate announcement.
  • First Speaker for the Opposing team.
  • Question time with the audience.
  • The Opposing team.
  • The Second Speaker for the Proposing team.
  • The Captain for the Opposing team.
  • Fourth class pupils support the debate.
  • Another judge with a hard decision!
  • Question time with the audience.
  • The Chairperson of the debate "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The Opposing team.
  • Question time with the audience.
  • Question time with the audience.
  • The winning team (Proposing ) for the debate, "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The Opposing team.
  • The captain of the winning team (opposing ) makes her victory speech!
  • The captain of the winning team (Proposing ) makes her victory speech for the debate, "Homework is good for us...isn't it?."
  • The judge is making his hard decision!



Mrs. Cronolly has organised two debates for 5th and 6th classes since September. The first debate was held in December and the motion was “Christmas…a time for gifts?” The second motion was “Homework is good for us…isn’t it?” The second debate took place on Valentine’s Day.

4th, 5th and 6th classes, along with their teachers Ms. Cunniffe, Ms. Connaughton, Mr. Kilbride, Ms. Harney and Ms. Gately, were the audience for each debate.

The audience voted for the winning team at the Christmas debate. In February, 2 debates were held. Mr. Connolly judged one and Mrs. McCabe judged the other.

The teams worked very hard to put their speeches together and they received a great response from the audience. All of the participants did very well – the proposing teams, opposing teams, chairpersons, timekeepers, welcoming committee, photographers and prize givers.

Debating is a wonderful way for children to develop their research and team work skills, as well as a fantastic opportunity for them to take part in a public-speaking event.  The children involved were super and everyone enjoyed taking part.

Thank you to all involved!

By Stephany Caroline Faria fogaca 5th class.

Cutting Ceremony Weaving Project.

Christmas Feast

  • Christmas Feast 5th Class
  • Christmas Feast 5th Class
  • Christmas Feast 5th Class
  • Christmas Feast 5th Class
  • Christmas Feast 5th Class
  • Christmas Feast 5th Class

Weaving Project