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Maths Week

All of the classes were very busy using their Maths Eyes during Maths Week!

Children were encouraged to solve a problem of the day. The 5th class pupils designed and produced their own Maths games which the Junior Infants played. All classes went on Maths Trails.

Here are sixth class busy at work!

6th Class. Maths Games

Maths Games

As part of math’s week 2017, 6th class designed and made maths games for 3rd and 4th classes.  We had so much fun working together to design and make these games in small groups of two’s or three’s. We had a period of one week to design and make these games and the results were outstanding. These maths games were based on the 3rd and 4th class maths curriculum. These games were fantastic and the feedback we got from the students and teachers was exceptional. Some of the games we made included ‘Maths Quest’, ‘Maths Snakes and Ladders’, ‘Spooky Sums’, ‘Mysterious Maths’ and ‘20 Second Rule’. We enjoyed explaining our games to the younger classes and sharing our knowledge with them.

We hope everyone had fun and enjoyed our maths games!

Report by Oisín Tiernan, 6th class.

Plans for Maths Week 2017

 We have a lot of activities planned for Maths Week 2017

5th and 6th will design simple Maths games to test on various class groupings at an allocated slot.

If they can incorporate some exercise into their games- all the better! Bear in mind that they will have limited space in classroom. Children can work in pairs or groups of 3.

Ms. Connaughton’s class will design for 3rd & 4th

Ms. Cunniffe’s class for 1st & 2nd

Ms. Harney’s class for Junior and Senior Infants.

All classes will be allocated a 30 min slot for a visit during Maths Week.

Arrange this between you.


4th, 5th and 6th will participate in the “Have you got Maths Eyes?” competition. They will be required to take a photo in the environment that lends itself to a Maths discussion. Entries should be emailed to the relevant class teachers if they are unable to print their entry. Each entry should be accompanied with 8 interesting and challenging mathematical style questions about their picture? The more imaginative and creative they can be, the better! See the “Have You Got Math Eyes?” website for inspiration. Individual entry.


5th and 6th will be participating in an online programme called IXL. They will be competing against their classmates to see who can be top of the leader board after the week! Teacher will provide them with a password and username so that he/she can track activity and progress of each student. Individual activity.

Junior- 2nd class will be participating in a Maths style art competition. Each class will be allocated a theme.

Junior Infants: 2D shapes

Senior Infants:  2D shapes

1st: 2D shapes/ Household appliances with digits

2nd: 3D shapes / Items in our everyday environment with digits

This can be carried out in class or as a “home” activity depending on what suits you best.


1st– 6th will take part in a Mental Maths Competition. Oral round robin style for the week. Two winners each day who proceed to a final on the Friday. Certificates available for each winner.


Seeing as Run to Europe went down so well, let’s try “Walk a Kilometre or More”! The yard boundary will be marked with 50 metre intervals to track what actual distance they have travelled.


Our SEN team will visit your class to carry out a Maths lesson to allow class teachers some planning time.

Eimear- 5th & 6th

Cathal – 3rd & 4th

Aileen- 1st class

Siobhan & Breda – Junior & Senior Infants

Heather- 2nd class

Please arrange a time with your allocated teacher.


Other ideas or activities for this year’s Maths Week

  • Avoid any use of the textbook and try adopt a Project Maths style approach
  • Invite parents with careers linked to Maths as guest speakers
  • Have a jar of items in your room (counters, beads, sweets) for the children to estimate the amount
  • Try some athletics with specific distances during PE. Time races.
  • Try to carry out a maths trail!
  • Daily Brain Teaser, name and answer could go in a box with a euro for each daily winner

Maths Week

October 17 – 21

During Maths week we  all took part in interesting maths activities. We had quizzes and trails and various activities. We used our ” Maths Eyes ” to see maths all around us.

We love Maths !