Science Week November 2022

Science Week took place this year from the 14th -18th November . All pupils participated in lots of fun science experiments throughout the week. All projects were on display on Friday in our school hall. Lots of children created and designed their very own science projects at home. Well done to all involved but especially all the parents who got on board with the science exploration at home!

Science Week – November 2021

Science Week – The 9th November -13th November. The children in all the classes were very busy doing science experiments!

Mrs Cronolly’s 5th Class Science Week. We did Rainbow Spinner & Refraction of Light experiments, Cócaireacht trí Ghaeilge, Scratch Coding with Ms McCullagh  and we were learning about Antarctica. 

Miss Dowling’s Fifth Class Experiments !

The sixth class pupils did Projects on Climate Change. They also did Phototropism experiment: They have been learning about how plants grow. They carried out an experiment to see if the plants will grow through a maze to reach the sunlight.

Fourth class learning about Light!

Junior Infants explored Beebots moving on different surfaces and made raisins dance with Mrs. Kennelly! They designed delicious ginger bread cookies and made the biggest bubbles with Miss O Keeffe and Miss Shine.

In Science Week 4th class were learning about light. Ask us about the investigations we carried out! We created colour spinners (Newton’s discs) to show how the spectrum of colours can create white light. We also discussed climate change with Mrs. O’Rourke and she carried out an experiment with us to show how Carbon Dioxide can raise the temperature in the air.