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Christmas Concerts

Christmas Concerts were held in all classes. 

Junior Infants: Friday, Dec 13th @ 1.00 pm

Senior Infants: Tuesday, Dec 17th @ 11.30 am

1st Class: Thursday, Dec 12th @ 11.30am

2nd Class: Friday, 13th @ 11.30 am

3rd Class: Thursday, Dec 12th Dec @ 1.30pm

4th, 5th & 6th: Christmas Carol Service, Tuesday, December 17th @ 7pm

The children in all the classes worked very hard and everyone enjoyed all the performances.

Science Week November 11-16th

The focus for this week was Climate Change. The 6th class children attended a show entitled “Science Magic” in AIT.

Michael Bell , a Heritage Expert conducted workshops with Ms. Gately’s 4th class and the members of the Green Schools Committee on climate change.

All other classes focussed on experimental science for this week and support teachers visited all classes to conduct additional experiments.

Maths Week

All of the classes were very busy using their Maths Eyes during Maths Week!

Children were encouraged to solve a problem of the day. The 5th class pupils designed and produced their own Maths games which the Junior Infants played. All classes went on Maths Trails.

Here are sixth class busy at work!

Debating Term 1


On the 24th of October, Ms Connaughton’s and Ms Kiely’s 6th classes debated the motion “All children should have daily chores. Mrs Cronolly prepared the children for the debate, the judges were Ms Cunniffe, Ms Harney and Ms Glynn. 5th and 6th classes, Mrs O Rourke and some of the teachers and SNAs, and some of our parents came to the debate. The proposing team was Kevin, Ruby, Lauren and Emma from Ms Kiely’s class. The opposing team was Emma, Fionn, Daniel and Jay from Ms Connaughton’s class. Kevin and Emma were the team captains. Rachel Murphy was the chairperson. Both teams spoke superbly and had prepared well for their speeches. We were very impressed by each speaker. The motion was not carried. Everyone enjoyed the day.

Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

We celebrated Climate Action Week and raised awareness in our school about Climate Change. The Green Schools Committee worked very hard in the lead up to Climate Action Week, coming up with ideas and activities for all the classes.

We had a wonderful week. All classes watched a PowerPoint about Climate Change.

Juniors, Seniors and 1st Classes planted wildflowers with Mr. O Leochain. We had a guest speaker from the AIT. Chris Mc Cormack spoke to all the children in 6th Class about Climate Change and the effect it is having on our earth.

We had an art competition for 2nd and 3rd classes.

Both 4th classes made their own wonderful projects at home based on Climate Change. They were excellent! 4th Classes showcased their projects to all the other classes in the school. They explained thoroughly what each project was about and all the others classes learnt a lot from their projects.

            Climate Action Week was a great success!

We had great fun learning about Climate Change, raising awareness about Climate Change and taking action to combat Climate Change. A biog thank you to the Greens Schools Committee for all their hard work!

Remember everyone “A Green Space is A Better Place”

Debate June

Inter-School Debating June 2019

For our end of year public speaking event in June 2019, our 6th class competed against Curraghboy NS. The motion was proposed by Curraghboy NS and opposed by Cloonakilla NS, who hosted the event. Parents, teachers and pupils from both schools attended to support the speakers and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. It was a robust debate and both teams demonstrated excellent public speaking skills and delivered their speeches in a very eloquent manner. Marguerite Quinlan, Deputy Principal of Colaiste Chiarain was the neutral adjudicator on the day, and she was very impressed by the high standard of public speaking and research compiled by the children. The motion was defeated and Cloonakilla were victorious on the day. Well done to all involved and enjoy the well-deserved summer break!

May Debate Term 3

May Debate

On the 10th of May 2019, children from both 6th classes went head to head in an inter-class debate. The motion was “Today’s children are under more pressure than their parents and grandparents were”.

Children from Ms Kiely’s class proposed the motion and children from Ms Connaughton’s class opposed it.

It was a heated debate and all of the children were very well prepared. The motion was not carried on the day, as the audience voted in favour of the opposing team, but everyone spoke very well and it was a great debate.

Before the debate children from the Amber Flag Committee spoke to the audience about how to deal with stress and pressure and gave them some ideas of ways they could manage their stress and promote positive mental health. They did a great job and gave some great tips that we can all use to decrease our stress levels!Well done to all of the children involved.

Cloonakilla Fox!!!

Last December, we put out a wildlife camera to see if we could catch a fox! We set up the camera at the Junior yard placing some chicken under a rock as bait. As you can see, we did it! A fox came into our yard! We showed the video to the Junior classes and answered their questions! It was so much fun!