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Debate June

Inter-School Debating June 2019

For our end of year public speaking event in June 2019, our 6th class competed against Curraghboy NS. The motion was proposed by Curraghboy NS and opposed by Cloonakilla NS, who hosted the event. Parents, teachers and pupils from both schools attended to support the speakers and it was a very enjoyable afternoon. It was a robust debate and both teams demonstrated excellent public speaking skills and delivered their speeches in a very eloquent manner. Marguerite Quinlan, Deputy Principal of Colaiste Chiarain was the neutral adjudicator on the day, and she was very impressed by the high standard of public speaking and research compiled by the children. The motion was defeated and Cloonakilla were victorious on the day. Well done to all involved and enjoy the well-deserved summer break!

Summer term 6th class

Class tour We had a fantastic time!

6th class school tour to Birr

On Wednesday June 19th, we went on our school tour to Birr in County Offaly. It was an enjoyable journey to Birr because lots of people were eating their sweets along the way. When we arrived we were all really excited as we travelled to the river Shannon in Banagher to go canoeing. We were singing as we paddled down the river. We tipped over our canoes and we put clay on the canoes and we made a mud slide. It was brilliant fun! The teachers barely recognised us as our faces were covered in mud! When we canoed back to Banagher harbour, we were allowed to jump into the water from the pier. Some people were really brave and did front flips and cannon balls!

Later that day we played fun team games and we did archery and wall climbing. We all had an amazing day. We went home absolutely exhausted but we were so happy to have shared this exciting trip to Birr together.

By Mya Conroy and Tara Duignan.

May Debate Term 3

May Debate

On the 10th of May 2019, children from both 6th classes went head to head in an inter-class debate. The motion was “Today’s children are under more pressure than their parents and grandparents were”.

Children from Ms Kiely’s class proposed the motion and children from Ms Connaughton’s class opposed it.

It was a heated debate and all of the children were very well prepared. The motion was not carried on the day, as the audience voted in favour of the opposing team, but everyone spoke very well and it was a great debate.

Before the debate children from the Amber Flag Committee spoke to the audience about how to deal with stress and pressure and gave them some ideas of ways they could manage their stress and promote positive mental health. They did a great job and gave some great tips that we can all use to decrease our stress levels!Well done to all of the children involved.

Summer Term 5th class

Steam project

Steam: Week 1

  • How does the Leaning Tower of Pisa not fall?

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was built by Bonanno Pisano in 1173, now that’s a long time ago! It was built in Pisa. Enough of the facts, lets now find out how the Leaning Tower of Pisa hasn’t fallen yet! 5 years after the tower was built it started to lean 0.2 degrees north of vertical. A few years later the tower tilted 1 degree south.     

           Outstandingly it’s still tilting up to this day! The reason why this beautiful tower started to tilt is the foundation under the tower started to soften a lot. It was because it started to rain quite a lot in Pisa, Italy. That is how the Leaning Tower of Pisa is still leaning is said to probably live for another 200 years! Thank you for reading this.

Steam: Week 2

Today during ‘Steam’ I learned about process engineering. ‘Process Engineering’ is the branch of engineering that is concerned with industrial processes, especially design, operation and control. We were shown a powerpoint about process engineering. In the powerpoint we learnt about isometric dots. Isometric dots are dots that engineers use to sketch the things that they will build. We were given an isometric dot sheet to do. We had to draw certain shapes on the sheet. We also learnt how rice is made. It was very interesting. Then we did our daily assignment. We had to make working sweet factories that had working systems.

Steam: Week 3

Today during ‘STEAM’ I learned about mechanical engineering. Mechanical engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with design, construction and use of machines. We were shown an interesting PowerPoint. During the PowerPoint, we were shown a video of a man who found a very interesting and inventive way of opening his door. It would be way easier and faster to just open the door manually. Nevertheless it was still interesting and creative. Then we had to blutac two marbles on either side of a ruler and then put the ruler halfway off the table to see if it will balance. Then we were taught about wind turbines and had to make our own one. It was hard but my team and I got ours finished. That’s this week’s steam round-up.

Steam: Week 4

Today during STEAM I learned about ‘transport engineering.’ Transport engineering is the branch of engineering that is concerned with functional design and operation. We were shown a powerpoint. During the powerpoint we were shown a video on how a plane works. It was hard to understand but at least I learnt something. Then I had to make a paper plane.  We then learnt a bit more about transport engineering on the powerpoint. Then we had to do our weekly assignment. We had to make boats that floated and could hold cargo.

Steam: Week 5

Today during ‘STEAM’ I learned about environmental engineering. Environmental engineering is the branch of engineering concerned with using natural sources. We were shown a powerpoint. During the powerpoint we were shown a video.

Art Activities


Summer Term 1st class

First Class has been very busy in our last term. As our local history study, we visited Derryglad Folk Museum. We met Charlie who showed us lots of artefacts from the past. We also learned all about Athlone in the Past and compared it with all we know about Athlone today.

In PE, we were covering the orienteering strand. Our teachers made maps of the school for us to follow. We then had to use the maps to find different letters around the school to spell a word. It was a great team effort, and great fun!

In art we learned about Vincent Van Gogh. We made our own version of his painting Sunflowers. We also made lots of summer art to decorate our door!

We went on our school tour to Turoe Pet Farm. We played in Jungle Town, Inflatable City and had a tour of the pet farm to learn all about the animals with our guide, Seán.

Our final writing genre was report writing. We composed our own reports about animals like snakes, panda bears, camels, tigers and elephants. We worked in pairs to research our reports. We then presented our reports to the class and even brought home a book of class reports to show our parents.