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Heritage in Schools

Martin Curley investigating our local surroundings on a recent field trip.

STEAM lessons with Esdras

Maths Week 2022

The children in all the classes had a very busy Maths Week! They explored many different stands of the maths curriculum. They did maths trails, played board games, games online and senior classes even designed their very own games for the junior and senior infants. They also used plenty of concrete materials and enjoyed using their “Maths Eyes” to see the endless world of mathematics that we encounter on a daily basis.

Amber Flag -Term 1 2022

The Amber Flag Programme will run from November 2022 to April 2023. Children from 4th to 6th classes will be invited to nominate themselves and make a speech about why they would like to join the Amber Flag Committee after the midterm break. Mrs Cronolly will announce further details nearer to the time. 

Term 1 2022

Junior Infants have worked very hard since they started in Cloonakilla! In Aistear, they had lots of fun learning about The Doctor’s Surgery, Autumn and Halloween. In September, we had an exciting visit from Dr Lynam. He showed us some of the doctor’s equipment we had learned about in Aistear and we got to ask him lots of questions too!

The Junior Infants did lots of activities when learning about Autumn. They made leaf rubbings; finger painted autumn leaves and had fun painting and colouring hedgehog pictures in Art. They are fantastic at saying their poem, ‘The Hedgehog’. For Maths Week, Junior Infants had great fun playing the maths games that 5th Class made for them.  Last week, we really enjoyed going upstairs for the 6th Class performances of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Beauty and the Beast in Irish.

Term 1 2022

Senior Infants had great fun working on their Aistear themes of The Birthday Party, Autumn and Hallowe’en.  They enjoyed creating lovely artwork for Halloween and Autumn. 

They loved learning about Autumn and created an Autumn nature table in the classroom.  They looked at sycamore leaves, helicopters, fir cones, acorns etc.  Well done to all the children for bringing in items for our nature table.  

Maths Week was a great success.  We used our maths eyes and had great fun taking part in an outdoor maths trail.  The highlight of the week was playing maths games with 6th class.  Sixth class made wonderful maths games for us to enjoy.  Thank you!

Active School Flag 2022

European Sports Day was held in September this year. We joined together as a whole school to participate in a “Take on the Teachers” Challenge. Various pupils from 6th class first took on a group of teachers in a “Basketball Hoop Challenge” . The teachers were victorious on this occasion. However, the students after a long battle managed to redeem themselves during a “Penalty Shootout” to claim victory! It meant the whole school got a night off homework so there was great excitement!
3rd-6th classes have been very busy and involved in lots of training for cross country competitions. We had lots of success in the local derby hosted by Summerhill NS. We then participated in the county competition held at Roscommon Racecourse. The children were successful in lots of categories. We were especially touched by the warm welcome and guard of honour provided by the whole school body on our arrival back to school. It was a moment to treasure for all athletes. A large group of children qualified for the Cross Country Connaught Final in Moyne, Longford. It was a challenging course but the pupils all did fantastic and represented their school so well. To coincide with all this running, we are now signed up to the Daily Challenge. We as a school are committing to running for ten minute slots at least three times a week. We encourage all pupils to be active and to move as much as possible.

Term 1 2022

First Class have been working really hard this term. We used our senses to learn about Autumn. Martin Curley took us on a walk down the lane behind the school where we discovered lots of different deciduous trees,  like beech, ash and sycamore. We found helicopters and acorns. We tasted blackberries and collected leaves. 
We had so much fun during Maths Week, exploring 2D and 3D shapes with Ms. O’Keefe. We did a Maths Trail around the school and played lots of fun Maths games. 
We learned about schools in the past and interviewed our family members about their school experience. 
The students had a great first term and are well deserving of a break. Have a wonderful Halloween!

Term 1 2022

2nd Class created an autumn display through art and this is displayed outside our classroom. “Reading Leaves You Happy”. We designed the tree using brown wrapping paper. We coloured and cut out leaves and our class picked a book about Halloween to stick on the tree’s hands! We named our tree “Mr. Acorn”! Happy Halloween from everyone in 2nd Class! 2nd Class entered the Credit Union Art Competition. They created some beautiful art pieces  related to the theme “It’s A Wonderful World”. 2nd Classes really enjoyed their local nature trail with Martin Curley in October down the lane behind our school. We learnt about rocks, nature , autumn and old buildings such as the old school and handball alley.

Term 1 2022

This term, as part of Heritage in Schools, we went on a history trail around the Cloonakilla area with Martin Curley. In History, we learned about life in the Stone Age and Bronze Age. We also looked at ways to save electricity at home and in school.  In order to improve our health and fitness, we have started The Daily Mile challenge. This involves running 3 laps of the school, 3 days a week. We had great fun during Maths Week and are really looking forward to the Halloween break.

Term 1 2022

4th class have had a very busy start to the year. We embarked on a local history tour to Meehambee Dolmen in September with Martin Curley. We demonstrated our excellent mathematical skills during Maths week with Saibh, Gabriella, Jake, Misha and Cathal reaching the final before Cathal became the overall winner. We have created lovely pieces of art each week. We have been reading novels like Under the Hawthorn Tree, Charlotte’s Web and the Twits. We wrote fantastic recounts trying to include as many wow words and rich vocabulary as we could. Mrs. O’Rourke did a ‘Talk About’ competition with us in Irish and Cerys was the overall winner. We have focused on games in PE and really improved our skills across a range of sports. We created models of the lungs in science and have been learning about the many different forces at play in the world this week. We have also been learning about the counties and rivers of Ireland in geography. We have well earned our Halloween break. Oíche Shamhna shona daoibh.