COVID -19 Section.

Covid-19 Response Plan Update March 1st 2021-03-01

Congregation of staff

To avoid staff congregation in staffroom all teachers except those on yard duty will stay in their classrooms for break/lunchtimes for the immediate future. Teachers may use staffroom/assembly hall on wet days when children remain indoors for breaktimes. SNAs will use assembly hall in 2 groups.

Congregation of Parents

Parents are asked not to congregate at school gates or on school grounds in order to minimise risk of transmission of the virus. All adults must wear a mask on school property. Those who refuse to do so or are unable to do so must make alternative arrangements to pick up their child.


SEN Teachers and SNAs are recommended to wear medical grade masks and other appropriate PPE e.g gloves, aprons etc as required. All other staff is advised to wear medical grade masks as provided.

All staff members are asked to wear masks on school grounds when exiting and entering their vehicles. They are also required to wash their hands or use hand sanitiser on entering and exiting the school building.

If a teacher/SNA accompanies a child with symptoms of Covid-19 to the isolation area they should wear appropriate PPE, including a visor if appropriate, and maintain a distance of 2m from the child. This can be disposed of when the child has gone home. The adult must wash and sanistise their hands before resuming their work in the classroom.


The Department of Education has set out the following guidance setting out the practical steps for good ventilation in schools:

Windows should be open as fully as possible during breaktimes, lunchtimes and at the end of each school day. They should be partially open when classrooms are in use.

Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule should be displayed and completed daily for equipment in sensory room and for equipment used for SEN pupils.

Other considerations for staff

  • School staff is encouraged to download the HSE Covid-19 tracker app to assist Public Health for contact tracing purposes both in and out of the school setting.
  • Staff is required to confirm that the details in the pre-return to work form remain unchanged following periods of school closure such as school holidays.

Click on the link below to view our Covid-19 Response Plan and Policy Statement ;

Please click on the link below to read an Open letter from Acting Chief Medical Officer to parents, guardians of school children and to teachers and affiliated school staff.