Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Introductory Statement

The Board of Management of Cloonakilla National School acknowledges the position of homework in the life of the school. It sees homework having importance as:

  • A link in the chain of communication between school and home.
  • Parents can monitor the progress of their children through continual reference to homework and liaison with teachers.
  • A forum for communication between child and parent.
  • Reinforcing the learning experienced by the child during the school day.

A policy ensures clarity as to the recommended time to be spent on homework. The school encourages the active involvement of parents in enabling their child to take responsibility and work independently. The Homework Policy of the school facilities these ideals.

Policy Content

It is the policy to assign appropriate class-related levels of homework as an important reinforcement in the learning process.

The following are general guidelines of homework to be administered to each class.  They may vary from time to time.

Junior Infants:        0-15 minutes shared, general conversation to develop oral skills – rhymes and games are all strongly recommended. Revision of Phonics each night. Maths Practice & written activities (Term 2)

 Senior Infants:      0-15 minutes.

Reading and writing practice. / Religion – workbook (1 page weekly), Maths workbook (term 2) Religion workbook – one page weekly

First Class:             0-20 minutes.

                                  Reading, spellings, tables, maths activities and writing.  Religion workbook – 1 page.

Second Class:       0-30 minutes.

                                  English Reading, Irish/English spellings, Maths & tables, Writing activities, Religion workbook 1 page

Third Class:            0-45 minutes.

                            Irish reading, English reading, spellings, Maths tables and computation. English written work. 

Fourth Class:         0-45 minutes.  Irish reading, English reading, spellings, Maths tables and computation, Irish / English written work.

Fifth Class:             One hour.

                                  20 mins Oral work-Irish reading, English reading, spellings, 40 mins – written work in English or Irish, Maths, Geography or History, Project work (occasionally), Revision for weekly tests

Sixth Class:            One hour

                                  20 mins Oral work, Irish reading, English reading, spellings, 40 mins written work in English and Irish, Maths, Geography or History (occasionally), poetry, Revision for weekly tests.  Project work (occasionally)

  • Homework is given from Mondays to Thursdays and generally is not given at weekends unless it has been neglected during the week, or unless in special circumstances such as projects or special assignments.
  • Homework is not linked to behaviour but occasionally children are rewarded with reduced homework if they have worked/behaved well.
  • The Learning Support Teacher and the Resource Teacher may give homework as a reinforcement of their work.
  • If homework causes stress or worry to a child, parents are encouraged to convey these anxieties to the class teacher.
  • If homework cannot be completed on a particular night, parents are asked to forward a written note.
  • If homework is not completed, a child may be asked to finish it during break time at school.
  • Parents are advised to supervise and check homework nightly and sign journals and tests and reading logs.

The homework policy is open to on-going review and adjustment to accommodate feedback from pupils, parents and teachers. Feedback will be obtained directly from all parties as issues arise, from homework journals and through formal Parent/Teacher Meetings.

This policy was reviewed at the Sept 2017 Staff meeting.

Signed: ____________________________ Date:_________________

Chairman, Board of Management, Cloonakilla N.S.

Review of Homework Policy September 2020

This policy was reviewed in the context of Covid-19 restrictions and in conjunction with our Distance Learning Policy. From October 2020 onwards teachers may upload homework from time to time on Seesaw. This is done in order to ensure all children are familiar with the workings of Seesaw in the event of them having to engage with distance learning. It is also done in order to reduce the transfer of schoolbooks between home and school.

For children who do not have access to digital technology homework can be completed in the traditional manner and handed up to the class teacher for correction each Thursday.

This policy will be updated in light of changing circumstances.

Signed: Fr John Deignan (Chairperson BOM)