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4th Class Irish Heritage Project

Celebrating Ireland`s Heritage

The cultural heritage of Ireland includes a wide array of monuments, objects, landscapes and structures that were produced by the inhabitants of Ireland over the last nine to ten

thousand years. 4th Classes created projects at home during the month of February and March “Celebrating Ireland`s Heritage”. These projects were on display for all classes during Seachtain na Gaeilge . All the childrens’ ideas, imagination and project work were outstanding and they should be highly recommended for a job well done. Thank you to all the parents for their help.There was a focus on using recyclable objects for their projects as part of Green Schools Recycling theme.Well done to both 4th classes!

Summer Term 4th class

Ms. Brennan’s class completed individual projects on Italy, while Mr. Kilbride’s completed individual projects on Mexico. All the children worked very hard in class and at home to create wonderful projects for all to read and learn from.

Both classes created lovely works of art. We created our own Cherry Blossom Trees using sponge, paint, glue and crepe paper. We are all looking forward to the summer holidays and we created self-portraits with glasses that look into the future. The lenses are a window into what the children will be doing over the holidays!

Spring 4th class.

We were very busy this term. We did a project on Italy in Geography in groups of five. We learned about Italian food, customs and sport. The Green schools project this term was Recyclable Art. The theme of our spring art was animals and plants. We enjoyed writing stories in English. In Irish for  Seachtain na Gaeilge  we had a class quiz.

By Emma Murphy and Adam Duignan

Fourth Class Archive

Term 2

St Brigid’s Crosses

On St Brigid’s Day, February 1st, we learned how to make St Brigid’s Crosses.

Ms Gately’s Dad and Sarah’s uncle collected the rushes !

Making St Brigid’s Crosses


Click here to find out about St. Brigid. st_brigid_02

November & December 2016

We do lots of art in 4th class and it is great fun !!

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September & October 2016

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