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Art Competition National Art Gallery of Ireland

This annual inclusive art competition aims to foster and support creativity, originality and self-expression in children and young people.

The Zurich Young Portrait Prize accepts entries from young people, up to the age of 18, of all abilities, from across the island of Ireland.

A panel of judges will select 20 finalists in four categories: ages 6 and under, ages 7-11, ages 12-15 and ages 16-18. These portraits will be displayed in the National Gallery of Ireland from 21 November 2020 to 21 March 2021, and at our partner venue, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork, from 17 April to 11 July 2021.

Five winners (one from each age category, and an overall winner) will be chosen from the shortlist of 20 portraits. Winners will receive a bespoke art box and a cash prize.

Enter now!

Home-based Learning Activities 4th Class

Here are some home based activities and online resources for 4th class pupils recommended by Miss Gately and Mr. Kilbride.

Postcard Writing/ Letter Writing/An Post

Over the next coming days An Post will be issuing postcards to all homes that you can send anywhere for free. You can let your loved ones know you are thinking of them.

At home you could practise your postcard writing and letter writing.

Free Writing

All pupils will be familiar with the concept of “free writing”. This is a simple idea that can be continued in the home setting. Children have the autonomy to decide what they wish to write about and there are a variety of different styles they can practice:

Diary writing (personal accounts)

Recount Writing (a report of an event)

Fiction (short stories)

Instructional Writing (e.g rules of a game)

Poetry (Write their own poem)

Reading Tips

  • Read a book to someone else at home
  • Read outside
  • Reread your favourite book
  • Read a book someone else chooses for you
  • Write a book review and present your book review to someone at home

Maths Trail

Make up your own Math’s trail in your back garden

(Use your mathematical skills: Remember 2D shapes, 3D shapes, area and perimeter, counting the windows at the back of your house etc)

Maths Trail in your Home

(Use your mathematical skills: Remember  grams, kilogrammes, millilitres and litres, time, shapes, area and perimeter)

Go on a Nature Walk

Collect some items form your nature walk

Talk about all the wonderful things you learnt at school in science and geography that are relevant to your nature walk

Outdoor activities


Skipping marathon

Obstacle courses

Treasure hunts

Indoor Activities

Memory games Stop the Clock

Times Tables game

Online Resource Bank for 4th Class











Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

We celebrated Climate Action Week and raised awareness in our school about Climate Change. The Green Schools Committee worked very hard in the lead up to Climate Action Week, coming up with ideas and activities for all the classes.

We had a wonderful week. All classes watched a PowerPoint about Climate Change.

Juniors, Seniors and 1st Classes planted wildflowers with Mr. O Leochain. We had a guest speaker from the AIT. Chris Mc Cormack spoke to all the children in 6th Class about Climate Change and the effect it is having on our earth.

We had an art competition for 2nd and 3rd classes.

Both 4th classes made their own wonderful projects at home based on Climate Change. They were excellent! 4th Classes showcased their projects to all the other classes in the school. They explained thoroughly what each project was about and all the others classes learnt a lot from their projects.

            Climate Action Week was a great success!

We had great fun learning about Climate Change, raising awareness about Climate Change and taking action to combat Climate Change. A biog thank you to the Greens Schools Committee for all their hard work!

Remember everyone “A Green Space is A Better Place”

National Tree Week

National Tree Week National Tree Week runs from March the 31st to April the 7th. To celebrate National tree week, Mr. O Leochain and both 4th Classes planted three trees on our school grounds on Thursday the 4th of April. They planted an Alder Tree , A Birch Tree and an Oak Tree. 4th Class learnt about how important trees are to us and the environment, the different parts of a tree and different types of trees. Please find out more information about National Tree Week by clicking on this link.

4th Class Irish Heritage Project

Celebrating Ireland`s Heritage

The cultural heritage of Ireland includes a wide array of monuments, objects, landscapes and structures that were produced by the inhabitants of Ireland over the last nine to ten

thousand years. 4th Classes created projects at home during the month of February and March “Celebrating Ireland`s Heritage”. These projects were on display for all classes during Seachtain na Gaeilge . All the childrens’ ideas, imagination and project work were outstanding and they should be highly recommended for a job well done. Thank you to all the parents for their help.There was a focus on using recyclable objects for their projects as part of Green Schools Recycling theme.Well done to both 4th classes!

Summer Term 4th class

Ms. Brennan’s class completed individual projects on Italy, while Mr. Kilbride’s completed individual projects on Mexico. All the children worked very hard in class and at home to create wonderful projects for all to read and learn from.

Both classes created lovely works of art. We created our own Cherry Blossom Trees using sponge, paint, glue and crepe paper. We are all looking forward to the summer holidays and we created self-portraits with glasses that look into the future. The lenses are a window into what the children will be doing over the holidays!

Spring 4th class.

We were very busy this term. We did a project on Italy in Geography in groups of five. We learned about Italian food, customs and sport. The Green schools project this term was Recyclable Art. The theme of our spring art was animals and plants. We enjoyed writing stories in English. In Irish for  Seachtain na Gaeilge  we had a class quiz.

By Emma Murphy and Adam Duignan