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Term 1 3rd class

3rd Class have been very busy this term. At the moment we are very busy reading our books for the MS Readathon. We are trying to raise as much money as we can for people with MS.

We also had Maths week this term too. We got to do lots of fun, enjoyable maths activities. Mr O’ Leocháin and Mrs Mc Cullagh came in to our classrooms and did a Maths hour with us. We had to solve lots of challenging maths problems. We went on a maths trail around the school playground too. At home we created some Maths Eyes projects. We presented them to the class and everyone had to use their Maths eyes to solve the problems. We had lots of Times Tables champions too as we are working very hard on our tables this term.

We have been doing lots of beautiful art projects too. We have created our own Self-Portrait silhouettes and bubble name art. We created dancing skeletons using cotton buds as well as spooky haunted house silhouettes, to name but a few!

We are also doing football every week with our coach Marie. Here we get to practice our gaelic skills such as hand-passing and kicking. We have great fun every Thursday!

We have been busy learning about the human body particularly the skeleton and its bones. We now know all about the Stone and Bronze Age too in History as well as farming methods in the past.We are looking forward to next terms topics already. Happy Halloween 3rd Class!

Enjoy the slideshow of our work this term!

Summer Third Class

Spring 3rd Class

3rd class enjoyed a trip to the Aquarium in Galway as part of the Discovery Primary Science Project. We got to learn about many wonderful sea creatures and we even got to hold some too! We got the opportunity to work like real life scientists by dissecting squids and studying its anatomy. It was a real fun, educational trip!

This term we got the opportunity to learn all about Britain. We created projects in groups of four and five on Great Britain. We used many different resources to help us including the internet, history books, encyclopaedias, prior knowledge and experiences as well as the library. We presented our projects orally to the class- we had great fun!

We engaged in lots of different art also from Winter Olympics Gold Medals to Easter Clay nests and baskets.

Rinneamar go leor dramaí agus amhrannaí i rith seachtain na gaeilge. Bhí ‘gaeilgeoir an lae’ gach lá freisin.

We learnt all about decimals, fractions and area this term.

Christmas in 3rd Class.


3rd class had a very busy December preparing for our Christmas Concert, ‘Ralph the Reindeer’.  We performed two amhrainní as gaeilge – Oíche Ciúin agus Bualadh Bos. We then treated the audience to a tin whistle recital of Jingle Bells. Next came the production of Ralph the Reindeer with everyone in 3rd class playing important roles – narrators, reindeers, elves, Santa Claus, Rudolph and of course Raplh the Reindeer. We has great fun preparing for the concert and it was a great success!

We also engaged in lots of Christmas art. We used the skill of drawing to create a rudolph picture. We designed our own Christmas jumpers and created festive Christmas Cards.

Third Class Archive

Term 2

November/ December 2016

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Wet Days

On wet days we have to stay in our classroom at breaktime – but we have fun playing games !

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During science week we learned about insulators and conductors. We carried out 2 experiments to find out which materials were the best conductors of heat.

We learned that metal was a good conductor of heat.

We also learned that cotton wool was a good insulator.

September / October 2016

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3rd Class Maths Week

We had a very enjoyable Maths Week in 3rd class.

We used our Maths Eyes to think of Mathematical questions that could be asked when looking at a playground.

We had to use our estimation skills to figure out how many marbles were in the glass jar.

Mrs. McCullagh came into our class for stations.

3rd class also enjoyed solving problem of the day.

We went on Maths Trail around the school yard and we saw all off how Maths is all around us. We used the i-pads to take pictures of the answers.

We used lots of different skills during the Maths trail.


























We have been working very hard in 3rd class this term.

We have been learning about the Great Famine in History.

In Art we studied the works of Andy Warhol and painted our pictures using the pop art technique.

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