Mobile Phone and Electronic Games Policy

DRAFT POLICY 12/6/2014

Introductory Statement
The use of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets contravenes the provision of a safe and secure school environment and is not conducive to learning.

Internal School Procedures
The following are the guidelines for mobile phone/electronic games during school hours:

Whilst the Board of Management recognises the benefits of mobile phones in pupil/ parent contact, it does not allow possession of mobile phones by pupils when in school. The Board specifies the facilities/methods available to pupils and parents for such contact. Because of the specific circumstances pertaining in Cloonakilla N.S., it is not deemed necessary for pupils to carry mobile phones when at school. Children come to school by car or bus. A small number of children walk to school accompanied by an adult. Children are collected in a similar manner after school.

Similarly pupils are not allowed to bring electronic games into school as they are intrusive and distracting. In exceptional circumstances such as school tours children are allowed bring mobile phone /electronic gadgets but the child is wholly responsible for the safe keeping of same.

In the event of a child needing to phone a parent during school, as in the case of illness, toilet accident, forgetting lunches or swimming gear, needing change of clothes after fall etc. such a call will be made on the school phone by a teacher or secretary.

If a call by a pupil is of a private nature, his/her privacy will be honoured by the teacher putting the call through on the school phone and then letting the child speak to the parent in a room on his/her own.

If a parent wishes to give an urgent message to his/her child, a teacher will take the message and relay it to the child. If the matter is of a private nature, the pupil will be allowed to speak to the parent personally in exceptional circumstances.

If it should arise that a child travels to school alone and the parent requests that, for safety reasons, the child should be allowed to have a mobile for the journey, such a child will give the phone to his teacher for safe-keeping during school hours. The phone may be retrieved at end of school day.

Staff personal calls are normally confined to break times. Members of staff are permitted mobile phone usage in the classroom only in the case of emergency.
Members of staff are requested to place mobile phone on silent/switch off during class contact time.

Roles and Responsibilities

All staff shares in the coordination and implementation of this policy.

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Chairman, Board of Management, Cloonakilla N.S. Date for Review:_______________