Term 2 Third class

We worked very hard this term! Happy Easter everyone!

We have been very busy this term in 3rd Class! We have completed projects on two different countries. Firstly we got to work in groups to create a project on Egypt. We learnt about the pyramids, pharaohs and the River Nile. We then got to present our projects in front of the class. We had great fun doing this!

After that we learnt all about Britain and the countries that make up Britain. We looked at Britain in terms of its food, weather, money, Brexit, famous landmarks and The Royal Family. We then completed individual projects at home on Britain and presented them to the class. Everyone’s project was amazing and great effort was put in. Well done everyone!

We learnt about symmetry in maths and integrated it with our art. We took photos of ourselves and we had to draw the other half of our faces. We had to ensure we used the conventions of symmetry. Take a look at our brilliant symmetrical masterpieces!

We learnt all about the importance of the rainforest in Geography and its animals, plants and tribes. We drew toucans in art!

Bhí seachtain na gaeilge ar siúl fresisin. Bhí gaeilgeoir an lae gach lá. Bhí ceilí ar siúl. Bhíomar ag damhsa freisin ‘ The Siege of Ennis’ agus ‘ ‘The German Clap Dance’.

We have now completed our second novel in our guided reading groups. We thoroughly enjoyed reading Billionaire Boy, Matilda, A Medal for Leroy and Red Eyes at Night. We definitely would recommend these books for students in our age range. For oral language we are engaging in debates. We have completed walking debates and have thoroughly enjoyed giving our opinions on statements. Our aim is to convince teacher that our point of view is the correct one!

We had World Book Day this term too! We did lots of lovely activities. We designed our doors based on our novels – Matilda and Billionaire Boy!

In History we are learning all about the Normans and the castles that they built. We created an art project on the Normans. Our brief was to design a motte and bailey using recyclable products. Take a look at our amazing projects!

For lent, Ms. Dowling’s Class decided to raise money for Charity. We raised €61.29 for Trócaire and €54.00 for Amnesty International. That was an amazing €115.29 raised for charity this year! We engaged in Amnesty International’s Friendship week and have learnt the importance of being nice to everyone.

We have completed the Stay Safe Programme for 3rd Class this term too. We learnt all about staying safe, feelings, bullying, cyberbullying, touches, secrets and strangers.

We created Easter nests for the highly anticipated Easter Bunny that will be soon arriving! Cáisc Shona duit!