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6th Class: Planting Bulbs


Planting Daffodil Bulbs

In this term, Sixth Class went outside to plant daffodils bulbs with Gerry in the flower beds. We took a few bulbs each and Gerry had already dug holes for us to put the bulbs into. We then placed four to five bulbs in each hole. We made sure that the roots were facing down. Gerry then filled the holes with compost. We think that the bulbs will grow well as they are sheltered by the wall. We are looking forward to seeing bright yellow daffodils in spring!

Our Garden



Cloonakilla NS is very proud of its garden and has won many awards in the past. This is largely due to the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the garden by Gerry.



In the spring Gerry helped 6th class plant a new vegetable patch.

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Our vegetable garden needs to be watered regularly. We need to pick the weeds too.

Planting the Garden 2010

Today, the 27 April, Gerry Doyle brought us outside to sow vegetables.

pl1We had a big variety of vegetables. There were potatoes, lettuce seeds, lettuce plants, onion sets scallions, cauliflower, cabbage, parsley and turnip seeds. First we planted in one section.

What we did: We got a spade put it into the soil and put the potato in. We gave each vegetable a section and made a hole and we put them in. Then we got a watering can and watered them. Gerry said to water around them a little bit every day.

Miss Cunniffe said they will have fully grown in a few weeks so then we can eat them!!