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Our Green Schools Committee 


The Green Schools Committee has been working very hard over the past two months reminding all the classes about our themes and activities ensuring our school is a green space. Our Green Schools Noticeboard displays activities and events for the month. For October our focus was on saving energy, we had a “Switch it Off” month in school. This is a hot topic at present! Children not only learned about saving energy in school but also at home! 

Litter picking has commenced in 2nd class. They are doing a fantastic job keeping our yard litter free!

Our local community garda visited our school in October and talked to all the children about road safety under our green schools travel theme.

Our “Bee Garden” was beautiful over the summer months. All the wildflowers bloomed and these flowers provided food for bees which helped them survive. In October our caretaker and the Green Schools Committee will cut and spread the seeds of the wildflowers over the area before clearing up the garden. 

For our energy theme we had a “Switch it Off” month in October. Each class picked power savers to turn off all power when leaving the classroom to save energy and money on our ESB bills. Classes learnt about energy and about the importance of turning off appliances when finished helping to save money on our ESB. Please, see the winter ready photo below to know the average cost of popular household appliances.

We will be applying for our new flag Global Citizenship and Marine Environment in November. 

6th Green Flag Global Citizenship & Energy

We celebrated and raised our 6th Green Flag Global Citizenship & Energy on Thursday 22nd of October. Our caretaker, Gerry Doyle, Ms Gately and the Green Schools Committee raised the flag and all classes had an opportunity to visit the site of our new flag, in their own class bubbles, where one child  tied a green balloon around the flag pole to symbolise their cooperation and help over the last two years. All classes watched a production by the Green Schools Committee and 4th Class created a video called ” A Trip Down Memory Lane” showcasing all the themes of our Green Flag. Our current 5th class project work was on display in the hall.  A big well done to the Green Schools Committee for all their hard work over the past two years. 

Click on the slideshow below to see our Infant classes participation in the 6th Green Flag celebrations!

The Green Schools Committee raising the 6th Green flag Global Citizenship & Energy!

Children representing their classes tying a green balloon around the flag pole to symbolise their cooperation and help over the last two years.

Walk to School Week 2020 (with a Twist)!

How well do you know your 2-5km radius zone? Whilst we can’t run our annual week-long, walk to school call to action event this year, we have an idea to celebrate Walk to School Week 2020 with a twist! We are asking students and families to take a walk into the great outdoors and discover what their 2-5km has to offer. 

From May 11-15th, 2020, Green-Schools Travel is inviting students, teachers and families nationwide to join us in ‘Getting to know your 2km zone’. As part of the #GreenSchoolsStayHome project we have weekly activities to inspire fully exploring your 2-5km zone, and we will ask if students have valued the time and space that they have been granted as part of the lockdown restrictions.

Click on the image below to find out more!

Cloonakilla N.S. awarded 7th Flag for Global Citizenship and Energy.

We have been awarded our 7th Green Flag for Global Citizenship and Energy. A huge well done to everyone in Cloonakilla NS who worked so hard to achieve this flag. All our pupils and teachers hard work over the last two years means we will have a new flag to celebrate when we get back to school. A big thank you to our fantastic Green Schools Committee for all their Trojan work in achieving this flag for our school. We are very proud of you all!

Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

Climate Action Week 14th – 18th October

We celebrated Climate Action Week and raised awareness in our school about Climate Change. The Green Schools Committee worked very hard in the lead up to Climate Action Week, coming up with ideas and activities for all the classes.

We had a wonderful week. All classes watched a PowerPoint about Climate Change.

Juniors, Seniors and 1st Classes planted wildflowers with Mr. O Leochain. We had a guest speaker from the AIT. Chris Mc Cormack spoke to all the children in 6th Class about Climate Change and the effect it is having on our earth.

We had an art competition for 2nd and 3rd classes.

Both 4th classes made their own wonderful projects at home based on Climate Change. They were excellent! 4th Classes showcased their projects to all the other classes in the school. They explained thoroughly what each project was about and all the others classes learnt a lot from their projects.

            Climate Action Week was a great success!

We had great fun learning about Climate Change, raising awareness about Climate Change and taking action to combat Climate Change. A big thank you to the Greens Schools Committee for all their hard work! Remember everyone “A Green Space is A Better Place”