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First Class-Term 3 2022/23

First Class- Term 2 2022/23

First class has a very exciting March. We visited Derryglad Folk Museum on 8th March. We saw so many interesting artefacts from the past including settle beds, an old shop, a gramophone and an old classroom. 

We have been learning lots of fascinating information about India. We have found out lots about the different cultures, languages and traditions. We also learned about Mother Teresa. 

We had great fun celebrating World Book Day . Sixth class read us stories. Ms. Butler read  “A Bad Case of the Stripes”  to us. We created beautiful artwork to go with the story. 

We had lots of fun learning different dances in P.E. We learned folk dances including “Tar Chugam” and “An Damhsa Mór”. We also explored creative dance and enjoyed choreographing our own dances to the music.

First Class-Term 1 2022

First Class have been working really hard this term. We used our senses to learn about Autumn. Martin Curley took us on a walk down the lane behind the school where we discovered lots of different deciduous trees,  like beech, ash and sycamore. We found helicopters and acorns. We tasted blackberries and collected leaves. 
We had so much fun during Maths Week, exploring 2D and 3D shapes with Ms. O’Keefe. We did a Maths Trail around the school and played lots of fun Maths games. 
We learned about schools in the past and interviewed our family members about their school experience. 
The students had a great first term and are well deserving of a break. Have a wonderful Halloween!

Term 3

First Class have been busy learning about sunflowers. We discussed the life cycle of the sunflower. We planted seeds and observed them growing. We learned all about the different parts of the plant and their functions. We explored paintings based on the sunflower and created our own works of art. 

We also were learning about materials. We explored how they felt, what they looked like and what they are used for. We used a variety of materials to create some magical creatures. 

We have been learning about the history of Athlone. Working as historians, we have been comparing photos from now and long ago.

Term 2 First Class

This term First Class have been learning all about South Africa. We explored South African culture, food, animals and history. We learned about Nelson Mandela and his life story. We created beautiful sunset silhouettes and tribal masks in Art.

We have been learning about writing instructions. We had lots of fun making rice krispie buns and writing the recipe.

We have been learning about lots of different artists and really enjoyed creating our own version of Heather Galler’s Hot Chocolate paintings. We used a variety of lines and patterns to create our artwork.

Term 1 First Class

First Class
First Class have been really busy this term. They have worked extremely hard and have had lots of fun along the way. They celebrated the raising of the Amber Flag and Active School Flag by running a lap of the school with Olympian, Aoife O’Rourke. She is a real inspiration!

On 6 th October, First Class took part in a Fossil Hunt with Martin Curley. We learned about how fossils are formed and about different types of fossils. We searched for fossils in the local area. We really enjoyed exploring and recording our discoveries.
We learned all about the signs of Autumn this term. We learned about the oak tree, deciduous trees and bats. We discussed different types of weather and the effect flooding can have on an area. We also monitored and recorded the weather for one week. We even took turns to do weather reports in front of the class. We have some future meteorologists in our midst!
During Maths Week, we took part in lots of fun Maths activities. We made amazing 2D shape
pictures, played shape bingo and built wonderful creations using 3D blocks. We took part in an outdoor Maths Trail. We learned about how we can use tally marks to record information. We found out how many vehicles passed the school over a 10 minute period.

Christmas 2021!

Happy Christmas everyone from all the teachers and pupils in First Class.

The First Class children have created beautiful Art and Crafts.

They are busy doing projects as well!