Spring Term 5th Class

St Brigid’s Day.

French Projects


In January fifth class learned all about France. We carried out projects based on France gathering as much interesting material as we could from as many sources as we could think of. We had three weeks to complete the project. Our impressive projects were scored on a rubric out of 100. We really enjoyed the project and held a French Friday on the day of the presentations to taste typical French foods. Cathal’s project got first place, Sean was in second and we had Billy and Kaitlin joint third place. Au revoir!

Written by:

Kevin Jordan, Sarah Geoghegan and Sean Noone

World Book Day

In March we had World Book Day. Fifth class made really cool comic strips with Mrs.Cronolly. We dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Later that day we did a book hunt with famous books and authors. We also ran a competition called “How well do you know your teachers?”. The teachers each brought in a book that they had read recently and the children using what they know about each teacher to choose which book they would be mostly likely to read! It was a difficult task but really fun. Now we know a lot more about our teachers. We all had a terrific day. Our class also dressed up as their favourite characters from the world of literature. We had lots of interesting characters including Gangsta Granny, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins ,An Assasin, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dorothy and Willy Wonka. We had lots of fun making our costumes and dressing up.

By Tara, Meabh, James and Cathal.

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Spring Senior Infants

Spring Senior Infants.

During February we learned all about the farm. We designed our own farms. We built farms using small world toys and Lego. As part of our role-play activity we took some sick animals to the vet and discussed the ways we can care for animals correctly. We also painted a farmyard and fields, exploring using different colours and patterns for each field.

During March we focused on Spring. We wrote about changes that occur in Spring. We planted seeds in our “Flower Shop” and made beautiful bouquets of flowers using paper and pipe cleaners. We painted sunflowers using forks and cotton buds.

We explored floating and sinking in Science. We had great fun investigating which items floated and which ones sank. We also explored forces using playdough and found that a force can change the shape of an object.

In April, we celebrated all things scientific with our Science Fair. Parents were invited to come and learn about experiments with Senior Infants. They learned about the lifecycle of a frog, how plants drink, floating and sinking, magnets, creepy reflections and mixing liquids.

Caught on camera!

Nature Study at Cloonakilla

We had a very interesting lesson with Mr. O Leochain and Mrs. Cronolly. They took us outside to find a good spot to put Mr. O Leochain’s nature camera. We decided to put it near the fence as there was a gap for animals to get through. We encouraged them by putting food out in front of the camera.

On our nature camera, we captured some videos and photos of birds looking curious during the day and foxes prowling around the school grounds in the middle of the night. We were amazed! We researched some facts about foxes and here’s what we discovered…

Foxes are one of the most common animals in Ireland. Foxes look similar to dogs. The fox has a red coat. They have a bushy tail, a white chest and nose. The fox is a nocturnal animal. This means that they usually come out at night to explore,  hunt and feed.

Foxes eat rabbit, hares, rats, mice, hedgehogs, worms, birds, beetles, fruits.  They are able to swim and climb trees. The  Irish for fox is “madra rua” (red dog) or “sionnach”. Their lifespan is about 2-5 years.

A vixen is a female fox and a dog is a male fox. They mate for life. The baby foxes are called cubs. There are usually 4 or 5 cubs in a litter.

Foxes are smarter than dogs. There are quotes like “Wily like a fox” and “Sly as a fox” which means that foxes are sly and clever.

The fox’s home is called a den. It is a large hole underground.

Sometimes hunting groups hunts foxes. They ride horses across the fields following dogs who have caught the scent of a fox.

By: Katelyn, Abi, John and Aaron….enthusiastic and interested nature students!

Term 2 First class

St. Patrick’s Day Art.











For our Discover Primary Science, we have been investigating slopes. We made slopes using cardboard and investigated how far a toy car would travel, depending on the height of the slope. We found out that the higher the slope is, the further it will travel. We loved making different height slopes and doing the experiment with our friends.

In English, we have been working hard on our writing genres. This term we were learning about Procedural writing which tells us how to do something. We wrote about ‘How to make Jam Sandwiches’ and ‘How to make Rice Crispie Buns’. It was lots of fun making both of those with our friends in our classroom.













In art, we learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We then painted one of his most famous paintings ‘Sunflowers’















In SESE we have been learning about two different countries; South Africa and India. We created a display full of interesting facts and pictures about South Africa in our classroom. We also painted a beautiful African sunset scene with a picture of a Mammy and baby elephant in the background. We loved blending the red, orange and yellow paints together!

This month we have been working very hard to create projects about India. Everybody had different pieces of information and pictures on our projects. Each of us presented our project to our class and invited our friends to ask us questions about our work.



World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018

This term, sixth class read the novel “A Dangerous Crossing” by Jane Mitchell, which is based on the experiences of real Syrian families.

The book is about Ghalib, a 13-year old boy who lives in Syria. He doesn’t want to leave his home, it has become too dangerous. His family has no choice but to leave everything behind and try for a new life elsewhere.

Mrs O’Rourke organised a book club and everybody got the opportunity to share their reactions to the book while enjoying a slice of pizza and some popcorn!

Lecarrow Soccer Blitz 2018

Lecarrow Soccer Blitz 2018

On Tuesday 20th March, 2018, children from 5th and 6th classes represented our school in a soccer blitz against other Roscommon schools. There were many schools at the blitz, including Cornafulla, Summerhill, Cootehall, Cloonfad, Roxborough and Boyle. Two girls’ teams and three boys’ teams represented our school.

The girls A team were victorious against Cornafulla, Cootehall and Summerhill teams and reached the semi-finals. The girls B team faced tough opposition in their two games.

In the semi-finals the girls played Cornafulla team. The score was 1-1 after normal time. Unfortunately, in extra time, the Cornafulla girls scored a winning goal.

The boys A team played against Cornafulla, Summerhill and Cootehall teams. Our boys also reached the semi-finals after an exciting play-off. The boys faced an excellent Cloonfad team and unfortunately lost their semi-final.

Our two other boys teams played lots of schools including against Roxborough, Boyle and Cornafulla.

We all had a fantastic day and are excited for our next soccer blitz!

By Tara O’Sullivan, 6th class.

Our Chinese Projects

Our Chinese Projects

As part of SESE, sixth class studied the geography of China and also learned about Ancient China.

In small groups, we were assigned topics to research and present to our classmates. The topics included the Great Wall of China, the Chinese zodiac calendar, the Han Dynasty, wildlife in China, Chinese food and clothes, Emperor Qin and the terracotta army and the mountains and landscape of China.

We had the choice of presenting our projects in the form of a PowerPoint or poster format. Each group worked hard to research their topic and we learned lots from listening to each other’s presentations.

It was clear that everyone practiced their speaking parts as everyone was confident presenting their projects in front of the class.

Term 2 English 6th class



*Spoiler Alert: do not read this report if you want to read the novel or watch the movie “Wonder”*

“You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out”

Last term 6th class read the novel “Wonder” by R.J Palacio. It told the story of a boy, named August, who was born with facial abnormalities. We really enjoyed the book and we completed lots of interesting activities. The novel was told from the perspectives of different characters which was very interesting and provided us with some interesting insights.

This novel taught us many important life lessons, such as to be true to yourself and not to judge others by their appearance.

When we finished reading the novel we were brought to the IMC cinema in Athlone to watch the movie. It was thoroughly enjoyable, but very emotional.

In the movie Owen Wilson was starring as August’s Dad and Julia Roberts starred as his Mam. The movie omitted some details from the book, such as when August lost his hearing aid, when August received a new puppy and Summer’s perspective on events.

Overall it was a brilliant movie.

We really enjoyed reading the book and are looking forward to reading more novels.


“Always try to be a little kinder than necessary”