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Science Week November 11-16th

The focus for this week was Climate Change. The 6th class children attended a show entitled “Science Magic” in AIT.

Michael Bell , a Heritage Expert conducted workshops with Ms. Gately’s 4th class and the members of the Green Schools Committee on climate change.

All other classes focussed on experimental science for this week and support teachers visited all classes to conduct additional experiments.

Discover Primary Science STEM Showcase

Discover Primary Science STEM Showcase

On Thursday April 12th, all of the pupils in Cloonakilla NS took part in a science showcase as part of the Discover Primary Science and Maths program.  The showcase invited parents and grandparents to come and observe all of the work we have done this year in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Children from Junior Infants to Sixth Class were busy on the day teaching parents and grandparents all they had learned. All of this work was completed as part of our application for the Discover Primary Science and Maths Plaque of STEM Excellence award.

Farm Safety Talk

First Class were learning all about the Farmer in Geography. We focussed on Farm Safety in particular.

John Hanley and Maura Canning from the Irish Famers Association visited our classes last Friday to give us a talk about the importance of farm safety.

We watched some videos and completed activities with Maura. We learned never to go near farm animals or machinery without adult supervision. We saw the dangers of electric fences, slurry tanks and PTO shafts.

Afterwards they gave us Farm Safety pens and wrist bands. Thank you to Maura and John for visiting Cloonakilla National School.

A.I.T. Science Show



On Thursday the 16th of November 6th class went to the A.I.T to see a show called the Science of Juggling.

We learned a lot about gravity and it was a very enjoyable experience done in a most peculiar way.

James Soper, the Juggling Scientist, explained how gravity works and the main pioneers of gravity, while also having fun with it. He juggled and balanced on a uni-cycle. Some members of our class were brought up to do experiments (Tara O’Sullivan and Conor Naughton) to show how gravity works. Mrs. Cronolly was also chosen to help James with one of his tricks.

Second Class enjoyed Science Week

We started off science week by learning about light. Do you know light is needed in order to see? We then carried out an investigation to find out if materials were transparent (see through), translucent (kind of see through) or opaque (not see through at all). We had to darken the room completely and used a torch and different materials. Ask us about the results of our investigation!

We have learnt all about the Solar System. Did you know the Earth spins around the sun while the moon spins around the Earth? We can also tell you lots about all the planets. We all completed Solar System projects which we will present to our class!

Ms. Mc Cullagh came in and taught us all about Static Electricity.