Term 1 Sixth Class

It has been a very enjoyable and busy term in Sixth Class,  Sixth class pupils put together excellent manifestos for election to the Student Council. Seán O’Hara, Zac Mullally, Christina Waldron, Grace Meares, Abigail Cooney and Aoife Cummins were elected by their peers to represent their fellow pupils on the Council.  We have really enjoyed tennis coaching with Josh McDermott and GAA with Ollie Lennon.  In September, we went on a class trip with Martin Curley to Meehanbee Dolmen as part of our local history education.  We learned about megalithic tombs and about  the hinterland of Bealnamulla.  We have participated in Maths Week initiatives online and Active Maths activities in the school.  Class members have seen their great work on Active School and Amber Flag committees rewarded with the raising of our Active and Amber Flags on 15th October.  Sixth Class particularly enjoyed running and chatting with Olympic boxer Aoife O’Rourke on the day!


As part of the History curriculum, sixth classes have been studying a significant historical feature of our local area, Meehambee Dolmen. On September 16th, the children went on a walk to the nearby dolmen, which dates back to 3500BC with historian Martin Curley. They observed the megalithic portal tomb and completed a history trail. The children thoroughly enjoyed exploring their local area on a sunny autumn day.

6th class enjoy playing tennis!

Sixth Class Student Council with Mrs O’Rourke and Ms. Kelly.

Christmas 2021! Happy Christmas everyone!