Summer term 6th class

Class tour We had a fantastic time!

6th class school tour to Birr

On Wednesday June 19th, we went on our school tour to Birr in County Offaly. It was an enjoyable journey to Birr because lots of people were eating their sweets along the way. When we arrived we were all really excited as we travelled to the river Shannon in Banagher to go canoeing. We were singing as we paddled down the river. We tipped over our canoes and we put clay on the canoes and we made a mud slide. It was brilliant fun! The teachers barely recognised us as our faces were covered in mud! When we canoed back to Banagher harbour, we were allowed to jump into the water from the pier. Some people were really brave and did front flips and cannon balls!

Later that day we played fun team games and we did archery and wall climbing. We all had an amazing day. We went home absolutely exhausted but we were so happy to have shared this exciting trip to Birr together.

By Mya Conroy and Tara Duignan.