Summer Second Class

We have had a busy final term in second class. We had our very important First Holy Communion Day when we received Jesus for the first time.

We have been focusing on report writing in English. We each wrote a report on an animal we were interested in and presented it to our class mates. We have learnt lots more poems and we visited our beautiful new library. We enjoyed some DEAR time on some very comfortable seats!

We learnt about the heroic Antarctic explorer Tom Crean in History. We also read the legend Cúchulainn and rewrote the story in our own words. We drew pictures to accompany the events in the story.

We went on a field trip to The Hedgerow and enjoyed picking out the different trees in the canopy, the bushes in the understorey, and the little flowers and insects in the shrub and herb layers..

Mr. O’Leocháin helped us breed our own butterflies. We received caterpillars in April and looked after them for 4 weeks until they were butterflies and we could release them into the wild. We are also learning about The Cuckoo. Ask us why it is such a cheeky bird?

We made puppets from coffee cups in Art. We also painted many beautiful summer scenes.

We enjoyed a wonderful Sports Day and a fantastic School Tour.

We are all ready for our holidays and look forward to recharging our batteries for third class!

Spring Second Class

Look at more of the interesting things 2nd class have been learning about.

We were discussing procedural writing in English. We made our own banana milkshake and wrote up the recipe. We also made water filters in Science and wrote up the procedure so other people could learn how to make them too!

In Maths, along with all our number facts, we have been learning about number, weight, time, length and 3D shapes. Quiz us about them at home!

We have lots of information to tell you about China. Did you know China is the 4th largest country in the world? We learnt about where silk comes from in the Legend of the silkworm and learnt all about Chinese New Year which took place on the 28th February.

We learnt all about the tragic Titanic in history and are full of information about why this ‘unsinkable ship’ was not quite unsinkable!!!

Rinnemar dramaíocht – Fionn agus an Dragún, le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge. Rinneamar jab maith agus bhí an –spórt againn!

We used oil pastels to create colourful Picasso portraits and painted beautiful Spring daffodils.