September & October 6th class

Visual Art

Here are some examples of the art work we completed this term.


On October 4th 2018, some children from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th classes went on a bus to St. Brigid’s pitch for a cross-country running competition. 3rd and 4th class children ran a distance of 900m and 5th and 6th class children ran 1200m.

There were over 200 participants in each race. Cathal O’ Brien from 6th class and Shay McGuinness from 4th class won a medal. The boys went on to represent our school in the Connacht finals in Bushfield, in Loughrea, later in October.

It was lashing rain on the day and there were lots of very fast people participating.

Everyone really getting fit and it was a fun day out.

By Méabh O’Higgins, 6th class.


We have been using our new laptops during our weekly maths stations. We have been using interactive maths games to practise our maths skills and learn in a fun way.

Maths stations:

Every Friday, we complete various problem solving tasks and activities with Mrs Farragher and Miss Connaughton.

6th class Science Experiment on Phototropism

To investigate how plants move towards the light, we planted a lima bean and made it complete a maze which we made out of a shoebox and two pieces of cardboard taped inside.

We planted the lima bean and left it outside of the box for a day or two until it grew. We the placed it into the box and closed the lid, keeping it standing upright.

We also cut a little hole at the top of the box so the plant could grow towards the light. We remebered to water the plant everyday!

Everyday we observed the plant grow a little bit more towards the light at the top of the box! After a few days our plant reached the first piece of cardboard. After a week or so, our plant had grown up to the second piece of cardboard. Finally the plant grew out the top of the box.

This experiment showed how plants respond to the direction of light (phototropism) .