Term 1 5th class

Orienteering with Padraig Higgins

An orienteering expert came to carry out a workshop on this interesting strand unit of our PE curriculum. First, he introduced us to the topic with a powerpoint and some real life examples of maps. He then brought us outside to carry out an orienteering exercise based on our school grounds. Here is what some of the pupil had to say:

“Orienteering is very similar to a treasure map.”   Charlie Whyte

“It is easy to get lost in orienteering.” Oisin Connor

“I felt like a pirate searching for treasure!”  Adam Donaldson

“It’s like a really cool treasure hunt!” Rachel Murphy

“Always use your map to ensure you don’t get lost.”  Ruby O’Leary

“There’s a few symbols to remember…. a red circle fora control, a red triangle to signal the starting point and concentric circles to indicate where you finish.”  Lauren O’Brien

“I wonder what it would be like to do orienteering outside of school.”  Emily Mullally

Writing to Padraig

5th class decided to write letters to Padraig to express our gratitude. We all hope he liked them, because we sure loved orienteering! We had fun getting used to the format of a letter and using the correct terminology when writing a letter to someone.

Scavenger Hunt & Pumpkin Village

During October, Ms.Cunniffe’s 5th class went out on a nature walk to collect sticks, twigs, moss, leaves, wildflowers etc. to create our very own pumpkin village. We were divided up into teams of 3 to design and become engineers of the future. There was an element of problem solving involved as it was a little tricky. We tried to avoid the use of manmade products like glue and used cocktail sticks and pins instead. You can see clearly from the pictures how imaginative and creative 5th class were during this fun project.

Maths Games

As part of Maths Week , Ms.Cunniffe’s 5th class made maths games for 1st class to enjoy! We were in various groups to come up with these games. We had to be imaginative and come up with suitable games that would be fun but educational for a first class pupil. Some of the games were called “Mathsnopoly” and “Bingo Shapes”. It was a very successful project that we enjoyed and first class were a great audience.

 Halloween Art

Before the Halloween break Ms Cunniffe’s 5th class did Frankenstein art. We were all given a purple, dark green, light green, black, and white card. The purple card was the background, the two toned green cards were for Frankenstein`s face, the black card was for the hair, pupils and eyebrows. It was hard but fun cutting out weird shapes. Finally the white card was for the eyes. When we were finished we hung them up and they looked great in our classroom display.

Ms. Cunniffe`s 5th class did Halloween Silhouettes! It was lots of fun! We chose our preferred silhouettes, carefully cut them out. This was a little tricky as the shapes were quite detailed. We integrated our Maths skills with art as we had to use our compass to draw circles with radii of 7 cm and 9 cm to use as the disks for our backgrounds. Finally we glued the silhouettes to our circular disks. We put them on the window and it looked like a spooky shadow of a creepy ghoul!               By Ruby Rose O’Leary 5th Class