September 2017 Newsletter

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September 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents,

It is my privilege to welcome you all to our beautiful new school building which has exceeded all our expectations. Many people have toiled long and hard over the years to try and push this project forward. To you, I say a sincere and heartfelt thanks. I hope our present and future pupils enjoy many happy and fruitful years here. The project is not fully completed and of course there will be teething problems. Please consult our school website for further information as the project proceeds towards completion. Thank you for your cooperation and patience to date.  The BOM have funded many extras that have accrued with the new school building to ensure that it is finished to the highest degree.  We will  be asking you, the parents, to engage in and support fundraising throughout the next two years to purchase the necessary outstanding items e.g. stocking of school library, gym, portable stage to mention but a few.


I would like to extend a special welcome to our new families both in Junior Infants and in the other classes throughout the school. I hope you will be happy among us and that this school year will be a rewarding experience for all.


Cloonakilla N.S. opens at 9.20 am. Children will not be admitted into the school building before this time unless the weather is inclement. On wet days they may enter the school assembly hall at 9.10am where they will be supervised. School ends at 3pm. However, the school yard will be supervised from 9.10am each morning and until 3.10pm each evening to facilitate drop off and collection of children. The BOM do not accept responsibility for children who are on the premises outside of these times.


I would like to draw your attention to the following matters:


Pupil Up-date Form:    You are required to complete the attached Pupil Update Form and return to the school.  An email address is requested for all parents so we can correspond with you electronically.  This will greatly reduce our paper usage.

Carpark:                     It is of utmost importance that all parents adhere to the traffic management system in the carpark to facilitate the free flow of traffic and the safety of all.  Please check school website for regular updates


Code of Discipline:          All pupils are being issued with a Code of Discipline form (excluding Junior Infants as it has already been submitted with enrolment application). I would ask you to read through the school rules with your child and sign accordingly. The Incredible Years Programme is a behaviour management programme that is in operation in the school. It promotes positive behaviour but also manages inappropriate behaviour with discipline strategies. This programme is described in greater detail in the Code of Behaviour Policy which can be viewed on the school website. Please return the Code of Discipline form to the class teacher as soon as possible.

School Calendar: Please see attached.

School Attendance:      Please note that all absences from school of twenty days or over must be reported to the National Education Welfare Board.  When your child has been absent for 20 days or more you will be notified that a referral is being made to the N.E.W.B.  Schools are obliged by law to make this referral regardless of the reasons for absences.  Please notify the class teacher in writing if your child is absent.  DO NOT RING THE SCHOOL as this only interrupts class time.

Swimming Lessons:     The first session of swimming lessons will commence on Wednesday, 13th September for 1st and 4th classes.

Arts & Crafts:           Each child is required to pay €25.00 towards the cost of Arts & Craft materials and photocopying paper.  This should be given to the class teacher as soon as possible.  Due to the rising costs it is vital that all parents pay this fee as soon as possible.

Healthy Lunch Policy:             We endorse a healthy eating policy in our school. We encourage parents to plan a healthy lunch using food from each of the food groups.  The following foods are NOT allowed in the school; sweets, fizzy drinks, chocolate, bars including cereal bars, winders and crisps.   A simple approach to healthy eating is to use the food pyramid.

School Policies:      All relevant policies can be viewed on our school website.

Anti-Bullying:          For the month of September all classes will work on the theme of Anti-Bullying as part of the S.P.H.E. Curriculum.  This will help to create an atmosphere within the school whereby bullying of any type is seen as unacceptable behaviour.  A class charter will be drawn up in each classroom and children will be made aware of the procedures involved in the event of bullying occurring.  Parents should make themselves familiar with the policy which can be viewed on the school website.  Teachers will also work on the theme of Road Safety for the month of September.  It is important that you as parents discuss this theme with your children.

School Insurance: Enclosed please find school insurance forms.  If you wish to avail of same please return to the class teacher as soon as possible in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Insurance” as these are forwarded to the Parents Association for processing.  All insurance forms should be returned to the school by Friday, Sept 16th.

P.E.                                 Class teachers will inform children of their P.E. Day.  School tracksuit tops and navy tracksuit bottoms must be worn on PE days.  Tracksuits must also be worn on swimming days.  Tracksuit tops cost €20.00 each and can be purchased by calling to the staff room between 9.20am and 2.20pm.    The full school uniform must be worn on all other days.  Please label tracksuit tops and uniform. As stated in the school rules children are not allowed to wear studs, earrings and jewellery on P.E. days.  This is for Health & Safety purposes.  Only runners will be permitted in the new assembly hall.

ParentTeacher Meetings:    These will be held in November.  You will be notified closer to the time.  If you wish to speak to a teacher any other time regarding your child please make an appointment at the front office to do so.  Every effort will be made to facilitate you.

Birthday Invitations:   We all know that often unnecessary and unintended hurt is caused to children who are not invited to parties. For that reason the B.O.M ask parents/children not to distribute such invitations either in the school itself or in the school grounds in view of other children.  We make such a request in order to cherish all children equally.  Phone numbers of class groupings are available on request up to 3rd class.

School SelfEvaluation:          S.S.E. will be on-going in the school for the coming school year.  For this school year we will be working on Year 3 of Numeracy which will focus specifically on Problem Solving and one other strand area.

Sacraments:             Confirmation has been confirmed for Wednesday, 25th April @ 11am in Ss Peter & Paul’s Church.



Parents Association:   The PA would like to thank the BOM, Principal, teachers and staff for all their efforts to get the new school up and running and wish everyone the best of luck for the coming school year.  We would like to also welcome parents who are new to the school. Please visit the Parents Association section of the school website for information about the PA.

Attendance of all parents at the Parents Association AGM is most welcome. It takes place on Wednesday 27th September at 8.30pm in the school. A bag pack fundraiser has also been organised in SuperValu, Monksland on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October. It would be appreciated if parents could volunteer an hour or two to help with this. Details to follow.


I look forward to working with you all during the new school year.


Yours sincerely,




Mary O’Rourke