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Term 3














Term 2


Senior Infants have been very busy workers after returning from Christmas break. We have been learning about lots of interesting people, places and animals.





In Science we have been learning all about the Robin and the Tiger. We created our own robins using paper plates, paint, crepe paper and googly eyes! After learning about the robin we then studied the tiger. We focused on the tigers stripes and decided to compare them with other animal prints. We created a collage of animal prints using charcoal and pastels. We chose the tiger and zebra stripes along with the leopard and giraffes spots. From there we began learning all about Italy in Geography. We studied the shape of Italy and recognised how similar it is to a long boot. Firstly we sponged the Mediterranean Sea. We then used Italy’s staple food – pasta, to create Italy’s shape as a country. We are just after finishing our Venetian masks for the Mardi Gras using pastels, feathers, glitter and lollipop sticks.









Aistear –

Our Aistear theme for this month was Weather. We studied and recorded the weather daily. We became weather forecasters and used weather symbols to highlight the expected weather in different parts of Ireland! We made rainy day pictures using cupcake holders, paint and pipe cleaners. We created a weather spinner using Irish weather vocabulary, read weather books and wrote weather words in our free writing copies.

Maths –

We have been looking at numbers 7, 8 and 9. We have been learning how to form these numbers using different rhymes. We used bears and counters to create their number stories. Our stations for this month have been based on activities to help us with these numbers.


Gaeilge –

In Gaeilge, we have been learning all about ag siopadóireacht, mé féin, an teilifís agus eadaí. We have learnt songs and poems in Irish for each of these topics too!

November & December 2016

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September & October in Senior Infants

Senior Infants were very busy this term learning new jingles, reading The Big Horse and learning about historical figures such as Florence Nightingale. Firstly we talked about the rules in the classroom and created our Class Charter using our hand prints.



We created self portraits using fabric and fibre.

In Class we read the story of Town Mouse & Country Mouse which we really enjoyed. For art, we created town mice and country mice. We used leaves to show where the Country Mouse lives and pictures of buildings for the Town Mouse.

We learnt all about Autumn– the animals and leaves we associate with Autumn. We created Harry the Hedgehog using leaves, matchsticks, sponges and paints. We also created Autumn trees using leaf rubbings, leaf prints and actual leaves.


In Aistear we learnt all about the dentist. We created dentist surgeries for our role play, dentist tools using Lego and junk art, we wrote dentist vocabulary in our free writing and read stories about the dentist.

We then learnt all about Autumn and created Autumn acrostic poems, wrote Autumn words, played Autumn bingo, drew Autumn patterns and read Autumn books!

We learnt all about Halloween and played Halloween bingo, created jack-o-lanterns, read Halloween books, wrote Halloween vocabulary and created haunted houses using Lego.


This term we were busy learning all about sets using 2 or more attributes – size, colour, animal, shape etc. We created sets using camels and teddies for our stations.

We learnt all about 2D shapes and we then created houses using cut outs of different shapes.

We used lollipops to create different shape pictures during stations.

We were busy learning all about our numbers and have started to add and combine numbers. We are using games and the “Pocket – it” tool to help us.


Bhíomar ag foghlaim foclóir a bhaineann le Oíche Shamhna. Bhíomar ag imirt cluichí difriúila chun foclóir a fhoghlaim. Bhíomar ag canadh amhráin difriúila – ‘Oíche Shamhna’ agus an dán – ‘Is brea liom Oíche Shamhna.’

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