Second Class tour Derryglad Folk Museum.

Our trip to Derryglad.

This morning in my school something very exciting happened, we went to Derryglad museum! First, we went in a big bus. I sat beside my friend Ellen. I was on the side with a window. Then we went off to the museum. I was very excited. The bus went up and down a lot. The ride was very bumpy but I loved it. Next we got out of the bus and followed a nice man named Charlie into an interesting little place. There were many odd looking artefacts such as an old washing machine at the back. There was a small little shop full of food obviously too old to eat though! Next we went into an outdoor place There was windows in a high wall that lets you see through to a field full of old fluffy sheep. Then we went into an old classroom. I loved the little desks in that room. Lastly we went into a dairy room and then went outside. The boys played football and tag while I looked at the fish in the pond with my friend named Ned. Finally, we got back on the bus and we went back to school. That was our trip to Derrryglad.