May Debate Term 3

May Debate

On the 10th of May 2019, children from both 6th classes went head to head in an inter-class debate. The motion was “Today’s children are under more pressure than their parents and grandparents were”.

Children from Ms Kiely’s class proposed the motion and children from Ms Connaughton’s class opposed it.

It was a heated debate and all of the children were very well prepared. The motion was not carried on the day, as the audience voted in favour of the opposing team, but everyone spoke very well and it was a great debate.

Before the debate children from the Amber Flag Committee spoke to the audience about how to deal with stress and pressure and gave them some ideas of ways they could manage their stress and promote positive mental health. They did a great job and gave some great tips that we can all use to decrease our stress levels!Well done to all of the children involved.