# In This Together Gov.ie

The Government has launched a new well-being initiative and is encouraging people to take steps to look after their health and well-being.

A suite of resources is being made available online as part of the ‘In This Together’ campaign, which include tips to help people look after mental health, stay active and stay connected.

This information has been developed by cross-government and Healthy Ireland partners on topics such as physical activity, parenting, coping with daily routines, supporting the ‘cocooned’ and getting involved in the community solidarity efforts. A suite of resources around play is also available.

Announcing details of the campaign on 24th of April 2020, the Taoiseach said we should try to do one thing each day that helps us to feel healthier.

“I understand that people are anxious and they are worried. Above all, we all need to look after ourselves.

“We all need to stay physically active, stay connected with friends and family, and look after our mental health “So let’s set ourselves the target to do something each day to make us feel a little healthier and a little bit better about ourselves,” he said.

Click on the links below to access the resources.