Green School Action Plan 2017 – 2018


Green Schools News

This year we are continuing to work towards our 6th Green Flag- Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste. The committee held their first meeting at the end of September. We got the litter picking rota going again and we assigned bin police to check everyone is segregating their waste properly. Each class was to do a lesson on Global Citizenship an what it means before the mid-term break. We will hold another meeting in the middle of November.


This is our action plan for the coming year.

Action/Target Person/Group


Timeline Progress Made
Reduce litter on the yard Children on rota (1st-6th) Ongoing
Reduce Waste – carry out waste audit All Classes September 16-September 17
Ensure all bins are labelled: recycling and rubbish Oisín T and Emma September 17
Police bins to ensure correct rubbish is in correct bins Bin Police: Sarah and Cian September 17-June 18
Build on Global Citizenship Awareness introduced last year All classes to review new ppt January 17-October 18
Increase result in Global Awareness survey from 2016-2017 4th, 5th, 6th Class September 17 – November 18
Increase awareness of life in countries around the world through class projects All Classes Ongoing
Ensure all children can say school jingle All classes March 17- October 17
Increase children partaking in wow days (averaging 80 children in 2017) All classes Spring 2018