Fifth Class Archive

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November and December 2016

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Term 2

Grandparent’s Day

On Wednesday the 1st of February, it was Grandparent’s Day. Twelve grandparents came to fifth class to talk about their childhood memories. First we said some prayers and then we played some tin-whistle songs. Next we asked our grandparents questions about their lives. After we finished our questions we showed our grandparents a dance called: “The Bunny Hop”. Some grandparents joined in. We had a great time. After that we had some afternoon tea with a delicious selection of homemade buns, cupcakes, muffins and cookies. Unfortunately some of the grandparents had to leave. We had a great time! We love our grandparents!

By Emma, Shauna & Tegan


Visit to the Army Barracks

5th and 6th visit the Army Barracks