December 6th class

Merry Christmas

Local Area Heritage:

Sixth class have been studying the history of our local area with heritage expert, Martin Curley.

Over a five week period, Martin led us through an exploration of the history of our local area using historical OSI maps to investigate how the area has changed over the past 200 years. The children explored their own townland, the people who lived there, the types of buildings, etc.

On October 11th, sixth classes went on a field trip to the nearby medieval town of Rindoon, Lecarrow. They observed historical features including the town wall, the abandoned castle, medieval hospital, church and mill. Among the ruins of the hospital, the children investigated some headstones. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed studying this aspect of the History curriculum.

A.I.T Science Show

As part of Science Week 2019, sixth class attended a science show hosted by Athlone Institute of Technology.


Sixth class children participated in cycling course which developed their skills and knowledge to become safer cyclists. During this four-week course, the children developed and practised skills including pedalling, balance, cornering, braking, scanning for potential hazards and signalling. The children enjoyed using the school grounds and car park to practice safe cycling techniques.


In science, we used cereal boxes and milk cartons to create periscopes which enable us to see around corners and over obstacles.

China Projects