Debating Term 1


On the 24th of October, Ms Connaughton’s and Ms Kiely’s 6th classes debated the motion “All children should have daily chores. Mrs Cronolly prepared the children for the debate, the judges were Ms Cunniffe, Ms Harney and Ms Glynn. 5th and 6th classes, Mrs O Rourke and some of the teachers and SNAs, and some of our parents came to the debate. The proposing team was Kevin, Ruby, Lauren and Emma from Ms Kiely’s class. The opposing team was Emma, Fionn, Daniel and Jay from Ms Connaughton’s class. Kevin and Emma were the team captains. Rachel Murphy was the chairperson. Both teams spoke superbly and had prepared well for their speeches. We were very impressed by each speaker. The motion was not carried. Everyone enjoyed the day.