Cross Country Running

My Experience at Cross Country

In October, I went to Summerhill to compete in a cross country competition. We all got the bus to Summerhill. When we arrived to Summerhill N.S we got our bags and Mr.Finneran showed us where to put our bags. After we put our bags down everyone started to warm up and get ready to compete against Summerhill N.S. First of all 3rd and 4th class girls competed then 3rd and 4th class boys, then 5th and 6th class girls, then 5th and 6th class boys. I competed against Rebecca , Emily , Leah , Hannah, Emma , Sophie , Sophie , Maryanne , Orla, Mandisa and Sìobhan . I came 6th. I was very happy with my placing. I am so glad I went. I really enjoyed my day at Summerhill N.S!

By Muireann Lambe