Cooking All Stars at Cloonakilla NS

Over the past 6 weeks the children from 5th class have been taking part in the Cooking All Stars Programme with Mrs. Cronolly, Ms. Harney and Breege. SuperValu provided all of the recipes, cookery equipment and aprons, and Smith’s SuperValu Monskland generously provided the ingredients for each week’s lesson. We learned lots of cookery new skills and practised making some delicious new recipes. We tried out a new one each week.

  • On week 1 we learned about the food pyramid and healthy eating.
  • For week 2 we made scrambled eggs.
  • In week 3, on Pancake Tuesday, we made pancakes with healthy bananas as a topping.
  • On week 4, we made granola.
  • We made tomato marinara sauce for pasta on week 5.
  • We made hummus on week 6.
  • We had lots of fun each week and we each got a little recipe booklet at the end with some new recipes to try at home with our families.