Third & Fourth Class

Term 3

Science Experiment

We carried out an experiment to investigate the conditions needed for plants to grow. We carried out a fair test with cress seeds and we discovered that plants need warmth, water and light to grow well.


Meehambee Megalithic Tomb

Recently we went on a history trail to Meehambee Megalithic Tomb. The tomb dates back to 3500BC.


School Tour 2017

This year 3rd class went on our school tour to “Let’s Go!” activity camp in A.I.T.

We had a brilliant day and had lots of fun. Some of our favourite activities were the KMX Karts, Zorbee Ball Roll, Super Slide and the Wobbly Ladder.



Term 2

Seó Faisin

Bhí seó faisin againn sa rang le deanaí. D’foghlamar a lán foclóir nua sa téama ‘eadaí’.

Bhí an-spórt againn.  Bhíomar gléasta suas inár eadaí féin. Chuaigh na mainicíní suas síos an t-ardán taispeána.

Féach ar na grianghraif. Nach bhfuilimid go hálainn?
































































Science experiment: Temperature in the classroom.

We carried out an experiment to determine the location of the warmest place in our classroom.  We made predictions and chose 3 locations within the room to test: at the window, at the door and the centre of the room.

We checked the temperature using thermometers.

We ensured that it was a fair test by reading the temperatures at the same times every day: 9:45am and 3pm.

Our results were very interesting. The lowest temperature we recorded was 9°C and the highest temperature we recorded was 28°C. The centre of the room always had the highest temperature. We also noticed that the temperatures were lower in the morning than the temperatures evening.


We recorded our temperatures in a table.








Science experiment: Make a simple circuit with a switch.

We made a circuit using wires, a bulb, a battery and a paper clip to show how a switch can complete an electronic circuit.

We learned that when the switch is off, it makes a gap in the circuit and the electricity is not able to flow around. When the switch is turned on, it closes the gap and the electricity is able to move and the bulb lights up.











Geography: The Solar System

We have been learning about the solar system in Geography. We made up a mnemonic to help us remember the order of the planets from the sun.

My = Mercury

Very = Venus

Educated = Earth

Mother = Mars

Just = Jupiter

Served = Saturn

Us = Uranus

Noodles = Neptune.


We also made the planets from Papier Mache. We worked together in small groups to make the 8 planets.
























Instructional Writing










This term in English we have been studying the instructional writing genre.

We have completed several pieces of instructional writing including ‘How to build a snowman’ ‘How to tie shoelaces’ ‘How to make a love potion’ ‘How to make a St. Brigid’s Cross’


Gaelic Football

A Gaelic football coach, Marie Kelly from Clan na Gael, comes to train us every Thursday. We have been having lots of fun while learning and developing our football skills.














Operation Transformation 10 @ 10

On February 10th we took part in the ‘Operation Transformation 10 @ 10’ classroom exercise programme.

At 10am we had 10 minutes of exercise, including squats, jumping jacks and even dabs.






Valentine’s Day Art

Love was blossoming in our classroom on February 14th as we made some beautiful clay roses for our loved ones.




















World Book Day 2017- A little reading is a lot of fun.

On Thursday March 2nd we celebrated World Book Day with a variety of activities.

Mrs Mc Cullagh read the book “My Friend Walter” by Michael Morpurgo with our class.

We also created collages using extracts from some of our favourite books and we made personalised bookmarks to use in our library books.

We designed new book covers for our favourite books, including important details on the blurb.

We also used our estimation skills to guess how many books were in our classroom library.

We participated in D.E.A.R time and practiced our dictionary skills in a book scavenger hunt.


Mother’s Day Art

Mother’s Day was celebrated on March 26th. We used our knowledge of symmetry from maths to create our WOW MOM cards.









Seachtain na Gaeilge 1-17 Márta

I rith Seachtain na Gaeilge bhí seó Gaeilge againn le rang a 4. Chanamar na hamhráin “Oró sé do bheatha bhaile” agus “Beidh Aonach Amarach” agus dúramar na dánta “An Teilifís” agus “Ní maith liom an bháisteach”.

Bhí tráth na gceist againnn freisin.










Geography Rocks!

We have been learning about the different types of rocks and classifying them into the three different groups: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic.


















Science Friction:



We explored the force of friction in science. We realised that friction can be useful but it can also be a nuisance. We tested the friction of different surfaces. We also investigated the role of a lubricant in reducing friction. We learned that a lubricant is a liquid that reduces friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery.












December 2016


In 3rd class we have been very busy reading novels.

Mrs Cronolly helped us during our reading groups. We read the novels “Brush” and “Oliver Twist”.

We really enjoyed the novel “Brush – A Tale of 2 Foxes” It is an exciting story about two young foxes, Misty and Ash, who try to help feed their family during the cold Winter months and they get up to all sorts of mischief on the way!

“Oliver Twist” was an interesting story about a poor orphan who faced many challenges and difficult situations.


We also focused on narrative writing this term. We all wrote interesting stories and we read our stories aloud to the class in the author’s chair.

Winter Art:

snowpeopleIn art we made some snow people using socks. We made some woolly hats and added buttons to bring our snow people to life.




The Vikings

viking-costume viking-name viking-names

We have been studying the Vikings in History. We have learned a lot of interesting facts about the Scandinavian raiders. We dressed up as Vikings wearing jewellery and carrying weapons. We wrote our names using Viking runes.

We also re-enacted a Viking raid on a monastic settlement. We dressed up as bloodthirsty Vikings and terrified monks to bring our artwork to life.







Modern Mona Lisa

In Geography we have been learning about Italy. We learned facts about Italy, some famous landmarks and Italians, including the artist Leonardo Da Vinci. We used Da Vinci’s work as inspiration as we put a modern twist on Mona Lisa.


We have been learning about Advent in the lead up to Christmas. We learned that the Advent wreath is circular to show that God’s love for us is never-ending. We also learned about the different

Science 20161010_131931 20161010_132045 20161012_151500 20161014_093015

We have carried out some interesting experiments in science, including investigating how our lungs work, how plants drink and how telephones work. We also completed exciting experiments during science week and scientists from a local laboratory visited our class.


Skip ‘n’ Rope

20160928_135812 20160928_133022We had lots of fun learning some new skipping games recently. We have lots of new tricks to practice at break times

Maths Week 2016

20161020_164344 argos-catalogue

Our class did a lot of fun activities for maths week. We went on a maths trail in the school yard, measuring the length of the courts and collecting data about vehicles at the school gate.

We practiced our estimation skills to figure out how many sweets were in the jar.

We used Argos catalogues to complete a maths trail.

We studied the poem “If I were a shape” by Brian Moses and we wrote our own versions of the poem.

20161020_164411 20161019_155738-1 20161019_155557































Maths Stations

Every Monday in third class we have maths stations where we participate in hands-on maths activities and games. We also complete a weekly problem solving task to increase our thinking skills and use maths in real life situations.

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