Term 1 6th Class.


In November, during science week, Ms McCullagh came into sixth class to show us how to use scratch programming on the laptops.There was a cat on the screen and she showed us how you could move him around, make noises and get different backgrounds like under the sea, the beach, a football pitch and lots more.I really enjoyed playing scratch. I would highly recommend it.                   By Méabh O’Higgins

Our Chinese Projects

As part of SESE, sixth class studied the geography of China and also learned about Ancient China.  In small groups, we were assigned topics to research and present to our classmates. The topics included the Great Wall of China, the Chinese zodiac calendar, the Han Dynasty, wildlife in China, Chinese food and clothes, Emperor Qin and the terracotta army and the mountains and landscape of China.We had the choice of presenting our projects in the form of a PowerPoint or poster format. Each group worked hard to research their topic and we learned lots from listening to each other’s presentations.  It was clear that everyone practiced their speaking parts as everyone was confident presenting their projects in front of the class.

6th class Periscopes Experiment

Pupils in our class brought in milk cartons or cereal boxes for our science experience. We were making periscopes.Firstly we glued a template on to a cereal box or milk carton and carefully cut through the dotted lines with scissors. We inserted the mirrors into the wider sides and we cut windows on the narrow sides to look through.We tested our periscopes by crouching under our teacher’s desk or by the windowsill. We were able to use the periscopes to see above the wall/desk. In real life, periscopes are used by soldiers in trenches or in submarines. We all really enjoyed making the periscopes.                     By Tara Duignan and Méabh O’Higgins



Clann na nGael Gaelic football club won the county final! They visited our school with the Fahey Cup . Well done to all involved!

On Thursday October 11th officials from Clann na nGael Gaelic Football club came to our school to speak to us about the county final between Clann na nGael and their local rivals, St. Bridgid’s. The officials brought the cup and showed us the amazing Rossie bus. They talked to us about an art competition; you could enter by drawing the Rossie bus and the prizes included Roscommon gear.

Clann na nGael defeated Bridgid’s in the county final by a score of 4-15 to 1-12.

By James Doherty 6th class