Caught on camera!

Nature Study at Cloonakilla

We had a very interesting lesson with Mr. O Leochain and Mrs. Cronolly. They took us outside to find a good spot to put Mr. O Leochain’s nature camera. We decided to put it near the fence as there was a gap for animals to get through. We encouraged them by putting food out in front of the camera.

On our nature camera, we captured some videos and photos of birds looking curious during the day and foxes prowling around the school grounds in the middle of the night. We were amazed! We researched some facts about foxes and here’s what we discovered…

Foxes are one of the most common animals in Ireland. Foxes look similar to dogs. The fox has a red coat. They have a bushy tail, a white chest and nose. The fox is a nocturnal animal. This means that they usually come out at night to explore,  hunt and feed.

Foxes eat rabbit, hares, rats, mice, hedgehogs, worms, birds, beetles, fruits.  They are able to swim and climb trees. The  Irish for fox is “madra rua” (red dog) or “sionnach”. Their lifespan is about 2-5 years.

A vixen is a female fox and a dog is a male fox. They mate for life. The baby foxes are called cubs. There are usually 4 or 5 cubs in a litter.

Foxes are smarter than dogs. There are quotes like “Wily like a fox” and “Sly as a fox” which means that foxes are sly and clever.

The fox’s home is called a den. It is a large hole underground.

Sometimes hunting groups hunts foxes. They ride horses across the fields following dogs who have caught the scent of a fox.

By: Katelyn, Abi, John and Aaron….enthusiastic and interested nature students!