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Senior Infants : Sept & Oct






We learned about growing up and made  timelines as part of SESE.





We learned all about different types of weather. We designed patterned umbrellas. We read the story Ms. Honey’s Hat and created a new hat for her. We created Jack’ O lanterns for Halloween using pastels and watercolour paint.








Senior Infants were very busy during Maths Week.  We learned all about 2D and 3D shapes. We made 2D shape pictures, constructed buildings using 3D wooden blocks, made 2D shapes using lollipop sticks and played 2D shape bingo.








































We had great fun preparing for Halloween.  As part of Aistear, we designed Halloween costumes, wrote spells and made potions in the potions lab.

Senior Infants are currently busy working in the café.  We are designing menus and making printed pictures using vegetables.

Run around Europe


Run Around Europe

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the Run Around Europe Challenge.

As a school we ran 31,290 laps!

The Run Around Europe Challenge started on the 25th of September and ended on the 30th of September. Every class ran laps on different sized courts each day of the week for one whole week.

This event got every class running and active. One lap for sixth class was 112m!

Miss Connaughton’s 6th Class reached Monaco with all their laps combined.

Ms Cunniffe’s 5th Class reached Ankara with all their laps combined.

Mr Kildbride’s 4th and 5th Class reached Valetta with all their laps combined.

Ms Gately’s 4th Class reached Paris with all their laps combined.

Ms Dowling’s 3rd Class reached Paris with all their laps combined.

Ms Finnegan’s  3rd Class reached Paris with all their laps combined.


Ms Campbell’s 2nd Class reached Luxemburg with all their laps combined.

Mr O’ Leochain’s 2nd Class reached Minsk with all their laps combined.

Both Senior Infants laps combined brought them close to London.

Ms O’Keeffe’s Junior Infants reached Stockholm with all their laps combined.

Ms Sexton’s Junior Infants reached Stockholm with all their laps combined.


6th Class. Maths Games

Maths Games

As part of math’s week 2017, 6th class designed and made maths games for 3rd and 4th classes.  We had so much fun working together to design and make these games in small groups of two’s or three’s. We had a period of one week to design and make these games and the results were outstanding. These maths games were based on the 3rd and 4th class maths curriculum. These games were fantastic and the feedback we got from the students and teachers was exceptional. Some of the games we made included ‘Maths Quest’, ‘Maths Snakes and Ladders’, ‘Spooky Sums’, ‘Mysterious Maths’ and ‘20 Second Rule’. We enjoyed explaining our games to the younger classes and sharing our knowledge with them.

We hope everyone had fun and enjoyed our maths games!

Report by Oisín Tiernan, 6th class.

6th Class Sept & Oct 2017

Gaelic Football: Since the start of the school year, a Gaelic Football coach called Maria from Clann Na Gael has been coaching 6th class on Thursdays to improve their Gaelic Football skills. 6th class have been practicing hard and are improving our Gaelic Football skills. 6th class have enjoyed playing Gaelic Football for these past few weeks, especially Marie’s fun drills and games.
































































































Maths week

During Maths week 2017, 6th class have been playing maths games and doing lots of maths activities. Some of these activities are as follows:

Money in the Jar; Miss Connaughton put 20c coins in a jar and everyone in the class had a chance to estimate the value of the money. Tadhg Hughes won. His estimation was very close to the actual answer- he was just 40c away!

Walk a Kilometre; in this activity Miss Cunniffe set out markers for every 25 m in the school. We walked around the whole school to get fit and use maths to calculate how long a kilometre is.

Maths Trail; we explored maths in the school environment. For example, we answered questions about the area and perimeter of the basketball court and examined the number plates of the cars in the car park.

Head To Head Mental Maths; in the activity Miss Connaughton put two people against each other in a quick fire mental maths game. The daily winners received €1 as a prize.

Maths Eyes; we were asked to take pictures of maths in real life in our houses or communities. We had to write 8 mathematical questions to go with our picture. The winner was Sarah O’Toole with a fantastic picture and questions!

We really enjoyed playing maths games, using our maths eyes and doing maths activities.