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September & October 6th class

Visual Art

Here are some examples of the art work we completed this term.


On October 4th 2018, some children from 3rd 4th 5th and 6th classes went on a bus to St. Brigid’s pitch for a cross-country running competition. 3rd and 4th class children ran a distance of 900m and 5th and 6th class children ran 1200m.

There were over 200 participants in each race. Cathal O’ Brien from 6th class and Shay McGuinness from 4th class won a medal. The boys went on to represent our school in the Connacht finals in Bushfield, in Loughrea, later in October.

It was lashing rain on the day and there were lots of very fast people participating.

Everyone really getting fit and it was a fun day out.

By Méabh O’Higgins, 6th class.


We have been using our new laptops during our weekly maths stations. We have been using interactive maths games to practise our maths skills and learn in a fun way.

Maths stations:

Every Friday, we complete various problem solving tasks and activities with Mrs Farragher and Miss Connaughton.

6th class Science Experiment on Phototropism

To investigate how plants move towards the light, we planted a lima bean and made it complete a maze which we made out of a shoebox and two pieces of cardboard taped inside.

We planted the lima bean and left it outside of the box for a day or two until it grew. We the placed it into the box and closed the lid, keeping it standing upright.

We also cut a little hole at the top of the box so the plant could grow towards the light. We remebered to water the plant everyday!

Everyday we observed the plant grow a little bit more towards the light at the top of the box! After a few days our plant reached the first piece of cardboard. After a week or so, our plant had grown up to the second piece of cardboard. Finally the plant grew out the top of the box.

This experiment showed how plants respond to the direction of light (phototropism) .

Spring Term 5th Class

St Brigid’s Day.

French Projects


In January fifth class learned all about France. We carried out projects based on France gathering as much interesting material as we could from as many sources as we could think of. We had three weeks to complete the project. Our impressive projects were scored on a rubric out of 100. We really enjoyed the project and held a French Friday on the day of the presentations to taste typical French foods. Cathal’s project got first place, Sean was in second and we had Billy and Kaitlin joint third place. Au revoir!

Written by:

Kevin Jordan, Sarah Geoghegan and Sean Noone

World Book Day

In March we had World Book Day. Fifth class made really cool comic strips with Mrs.Cronolly. We dressed up as our favourite character from a book. Later that day we did a book hunt with famous books and authors. We also ran a competition called “How well do you know your teachers?”. The teachers each brought in a book that they had read recently and the children using what they know about each teacher to choose which book they would be mostly likely to read! It was a difficult task but really fun. Now we know a lot more about our teachers. We all had a terrific day. Our class also dressed up as their favourite characters from the world of literature. We had lots of interesting characters including Gangsta Granny, Harry Potter, Mary Poppins ,An Assasin, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Dorothy and Willy Wonka. We had lots of fun making our costumes and dressing up.

By Tara, Meabh, James and Cathal.

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  • World Book Day
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Summer Term

First Class have been very busy in our last term. In April, we took part in the Discover Primary Science Showcase. All of the parents were invited to watch us showcasing our experiments. We demonstrated experiments on gravity and slopes, making lava lamps, magnets, transparent and opaque and friction. We had a great day and even taught our parents some interesting facts!

We had great fun using Skype in First Class this term. Both Ms Fallon and Ms Kilmartin’s classes set up Skype accounts. We presented our projects to the class using the interactive whiteboard. We could even ask our friend’s in the next room questions! We also had great fun presenting our Show and Tell using the class microphone.

First Class have been very busy with SESE this term. In science, we learned all about the life cycle of the sunflower. We learned about the things plants need to grow, and even planted our own sunflowers. We let them grow in school for two weeks before taking them home to plant them.

For our history lesson, we were very lucky to have Mrs. O’Rourke come to visit our classroom. We interviewed her about Cloonakilla in the past. She brought along an old school roll book, and we found both of our teacher’s names from years ago!

We also visited Derryglad Folk Museum as part of our local history study. We met Charlie who showed us lots of artefacts from the past.

In PE, we were covering the orienteering strand. Our teachers made maps of the school for us to follow. We then had to use the maps to find different letters around the school to spell a word. It was a great team effort, and great fun!

Active Schools Week took place in May. Ms. Fallon’s class were visited by a Zumba dance teacher, while Ms Kilmartin’s class completed a very active lesson with Brian from Hodson Bay. We were worn out but really enjoyed the day!

Spring Term

St. Patrick’s Day Art.











For our Discover Primary Science, we have been investigating slopes. We made slopes using cardboard and investigated how far a toy car would travel, depending on the height of the slope. We found out that the higher the slope is, the further it will travel. We loved making different height slopes and doing the experiment with our friends.

In English, we have been working hard on our writing genres. This term we were learning about Procedural writing which tells us how to do something. We wrote about ‘How to make Jam Sandwiches’ and ‘How to make Rice Crispie Buns’. It was lots of fun making both of those with our friends in our classroom.













In art, we learned about the artist Vincent Van Gogh. We then painted one of his most famous paintings ‘Sunflowers’















In SESE we have been learning about two different countries; South Africa and India. We created a display full of interesting facts and pictures about South Africa in our classroom. We also painted a beautiful African sunset scene with a picture of a Mammy and baby elephant in the background. We loved blending the red, orange and yellow paints together!

This month we have been working very hard to create projects about India. Everybody had different pieces of information and pictures on our projects. Each of us presented our project to our class and invited our friends to ask us questions about our work.



World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018

This term, sixth class read the novel “A Dangerous Crossing” by Jane Mitchell, which is based on the experiences of real Syrian families.

The book is about Ghalib, a 13-year old boy who lives in Syria. He doesn’t want to leave his home, it has become too dangerous. His family has no choice but to leave everything behind and try for a new life elsewhere.

Mrs O’Rourke organised a book club and everybody got the opportunity to share their reactions to the book while enjoying a slice of pizza and some popcorn!