Term 1 2nd class

Second class have had a busy start to the year. We are writing interesting recounts in English and we will have a book of recounts to bring home after Halloween break. We have been learning poems – maybe ask us to recite one! We started our guided reading programme and there are so many interesting books for us to read. Ms. Campbell is reading us George’s Marvellous Medicine.

We have also been learning lots of new vocabulary, songs, poems and even carrying out roleplays in Irish!

We really enjoyed Maths week. We started each day with a riddle! What starts with T ends with T and has T in it……………A teapot! We had a Mental Maths competition each day with Evelyn, Evan and Oisín winning the final. We went on a Maths trail and Mrs. McCabe carried out lots of exciting Maths activities with us.

In History, we have created a class timeline. We learnt about Thomas Edison, who is perhaps the greatest inventor of all time! We also talked about myths and legends  and know all about the Salmon of Knowledge. Poor Finnegas!

We have been busy drawing maps in Geography. We had 2 guards visit our classes and talk to us about their role in the community. We also learnt about storms and hurricanes.

In Science we learnt about the skeleton, teeth and the migrating swallow.

We’ve also been practising out Art skills. We drew self-portraits, blended chalks to create colourful autumn leaves and we painted beautiful autumn trees. We created some scary looking pumpkins! We’ve been singing lots of lovely songs in Music and some spooky Halloween ones too.

In PE we have played games like Gladiator, Gladiator and we have been practising our running skills.We are all looking forward to dressing up on Thursday and to our Mid-Term break.


2nd class have had a busy Winter so far. In SESE we learnt all about Space and the Space Race. We also learnt all about Sound, Homelessness and Christmas in the Past. We worked really hard on our Space Projects and presented the m to our classmates and other classes in the school.

We learnt about symmetry, fractions and money; to name a few things, in Maths.

We wrote really interesting narrative stories ensuring we included interesting characters, settings, a problem and a resolution.

We created beautiful Winter tree scenes, Reindeers, Santas and Snowmen in Art.

We have talked about Advent and preparing for Christmas. We have started attending our ‘Do this In Memory’ Masses in preparation for First Communion.

We have worked very hard this term and are looking forward to an exciting Christmas holiday.

Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir!

Look at our Science Projects!