2nd Class Sept & Oct 2017

Second class have had a busy start to the year. We wrote really interesting recounts in English. We put all our recounts together to make a book we can all read at home. We have been learning poems – maybe ask us to recite one! We started our graded reading programme and there are so many interesting books. Ms. Campbell is reading us George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have also been learning lots of new vocabulary, songs, poems and even carrying out roleplays in Irish!


We really enjoyed Maths week. We started each day with a riddle! What starts with T ends with T and has T in it……………A teapot! We had a Mental Maths competition each day with Holly, Zac and Eoghan winning the final. We carried out Maths Art projects using 3D shapes and numbers at home and presented them in school. Mrs. O’Rourke found it very hard to pick winners but in the end Christina and Séan B won! We really enjoyed playing the Maths games 5th class had made for us too.


In History, we have created a class timeline. We learnt about Thomas Edison, who is perhaps the greatest inventor of all time! We talked about myths and legends as well, and know all about the Salmon of Knowledge. Poor Finnegas!


We have been busy drawing maps in Geography. We had 2 guards visit our classes and talk to us about their role in the community. We also learnt about storms and hurricanes.


In Science we learnt about the skeleton, teeth, the red fox, the migrating swallow and Ireland’s tallest native tree- the Ash tree. We planted and Ash tree with Gerry which hopefully will grow strong and tall.


We’ve also been practising out Art skills. We drew self-portraits, blended chalks to create colourful autumn leaves and we painted beautiful autumn trees. We’ve been singing lots of lovely songs in Music. We used instruments to accompany our Halloween songs.


In PE we have played games like Gladiator, Gladiator and we have been practising our athletics skills.


We all enjoyed the Halloween fancy dress on the Friday before mid-term and we had a Halloween disco.