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Literacy Lift Off

October 2017

The pupils in Ms Fallon’s First class are enjoying lots of reading this term as they are taking part in the Literacy Lift Off programme for 6 weeks. For an hour every morning they have five teachers in their room working on different aspects of literacy. Every day they read a familiar book and a new book. They  do word work with magnetic letters  and they work on their phonics. They also make up and write a sentence  about the stories they have read.

Senior Infants Archive

Term 3














Term 2


Senior Infants have been very busy workers after returning from Christmas break. We have been learning about lots of interesting people, places and animals.





In Science we have been learning all about the Robin and the Tiger. We created our own robins using paper plates, paint, crepe paper and googly eyes! After learning about the robin we then studied the tiger. We focused on the tigers stripes and decided to compare them with other animal prints. We created a collage of animal prints using charcoal and pastels. We chose the tiger and zebra stripes along with the leopard and giraffes spots. From there we began learning all about Italy in Geography. We studied the shape of Italy and recognised how similar it is to a long boot. Firstly we sponged the Mediterranean Sea. We then used Italy’s staple food – pasta, to create Italy’s shape as a country. We are just after finishing our Venetian masks for the Mardi Gras using pastels, feathers, glitter and lollipop sticks.









Aistear –

Our Aistear theme for this month was Weather. We studied and recorded the weather daily. We became weather forecasters and used weather symbols to highlight the expected weather in different parts of Ireland! We made rainy day pictures using cupcake holders, paint and pipe cleaners. We created a weather spinner using Irish weather vocabulary, read weather books and wrote weather words in our free writing copies.

Maths –

We have been looking at numbers 7, 8 and 9. We have been learning how to form these numbers using different rhymes. We used bears and counters to create their number stories. Our stations for this month have been based on activities to help us with these numbers.


Gaeilge –

In Gaeilge, we have been learning all about ag siopadóireacht, mé féin, an teilifís agus eadaí. We have learnt songs and poems in Irish for each of these topics too!

November & December 2016

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September & October in Senior Infants

Senior Infants were very busy this term learning new jingles, reading The Big Horse and learning about historical figures such as Florence Nightingale. Firstly we talked about the rules in the classroom and created our Class Charter using our hand prints.



We created self portraits using fabric and fibre.

In Class we read the story of Town Mouse & Country Mouse which we really enjoyed. For art, we created town mice and country mice. We used leaves to show where the Country Mouse lives and pictures of buildings for the Town Mouse.

We learnt all about Autumn– the animals and leaves we associate with Autumn. We created Harry the Hedgehog using leaves, matchsticks, sponges and paints. We also created Autumn trees using leaf rubbings, leaf prints and actual leaves.


In Aistear we learnt all about the dentist. We created dentist surgeries for our role play, dentist tools using Lego and junk art, we wrote dentist vocabulary in our free writing and read stories about the dentist.

We then learnt all about Autumn and created Autumn acrostic poems, wrote Autumn words, played Autumn bingo, drew Autumn patterns and read Autumn books!

We learnt all about Halloween and played Halloween bingo, created jack-o-lanterns, read Halloween books, wrote Halloween vocabulary and created haunted houses using Lego.


This term we were busy learning all about sets using 2 or more attributes – size, colour, animal, shape etc. We created sets using camels and teddies for our stations.

We learnt all about 2D shapes and we then created houses using cut outs of different shapes.

We used lollipops to create different shape pictures during stations.

We were busy learning all about our numbers and have started to add and combine numbers. We are using games and the “Pocket – it” tool to help us.


Bhíomar ag foghlaim foclóir a bhaineann le Oíche Shamhna. Bhíomar ag imirt cluichí difriúila chun foclóir a fhoghlaim. Bhíomar ag canadh amhráin difriúila – ‘Oíche Shamhna’ agus an dán – ‘Is brea liom Oíche Shamhna.’

2016-10-26-14-35-44 2016-10-26-14-31-34 2016-09-14-11-28-41 2016-09-15-11-31-01 2016-09-14-11-27-31

Third Class Archive

Term 2

November/ December 2016

2016-12-20-13-20-11-copy 2016-12-20-13-20-11 2016-12-20-13-20-35 2016-12-20-13-20-55 2016-12-20-13-21-03 2016-12-20-13-21-14 2016-12-20-13-21-24 2016-12-20-13-22-41 2016-12-20-13-22-50

Wet Days

On wet days we have to stay in our classroom at breaktime – but we have fun playing games !

2016-11-18-11-14-53 2016-11-18-11-14-41 2016-11-18-11-14-18 2016-11-18-11-14-06

Science Week2016-11-18-11-10-40 2016-11-18-11-10-30 2016-11-18-11-10-11 2016-11-18-11-09-21 2016-11-18-11-08-04 2016-11-18-11-07-16

During science week we learned about insulators and conductors. We carried out 2 experiments to find out which materials were the best conductors of heat.

We learned that metal was a good conductor of heat.

We also learned that cotton wool was a good insulator.

September / October 2016

2016-10-21-11-41-48 2016-10-21-11-42-37 2016-10-21-11-40-57 2016-10-21-11-40-32

3rd Class Maths Week

We had a very enjoyable Maths Week in 3rd class.

We used our Maths Eyes to think of Mathematical questions that could be asked when looking at a playground.

We had to use our estimation skills to figure out how many marbles were in the glass jar.

Mrs. McCullagh came into our class for stations.

3rd class also enjoyed solving problem of the day.

We went on Maths Trail around the school yard and we saw all off how Maths is all around us. We used the i-pads to take pictures of the answers.

We used lots of different skills during the Maths trail.


























We have been working very hard in 3rd class this term.

We have been learning about the Great Famine in History.

In Art we studied the works of Andy Warhol and painted our pictures using the pop art technique.

2016-10-26-09-16-40 2016-10-26-09-17-02 2016-10-26-09-17-29







Sixth Class Archive

Term 1

2016-10-11-10-32-50 2016-10-11-10-34-05 2016-10-11-10-34-23 2016-10-11-10-34-44




































Science Week 2016


2016-11-16-10-54-04 2016-11-16-10-53-46 2016-11-16-10-46-01 2016-11-16-10-35-49 2016-11-16-10-16-33 2016-11-16-10-15-45 2016-11-16-10-09-54 2016-11-16-10-09-13 2016-11-15-10-23-57 2016-11-15-10-23-35 2016-11-15-10-21-28 2016-11-15-10-18-37 2016-11-15-10-17-31 2016-11-15-10-04-42




maths-week-eimear-2 maths-week-eimear






















November & December 2016

2016-12-16-12-54-52 2016-12-16-12-55-42 2016-12-16-12-55-46 2016-12-16-13-31-28 2016-12-16-13-32-35 2016-12-16-13-32-56 2016-12-16-13-33-13 2016-12-16-13-33-22 2016-12-16-13-33-59 2016-12-16-13-34-09 2016-12-16-13-34-34 2016-12-16-13-34-46 2016-12-16-13-35-07 2016-12-16-13-35-18 2016-12-16-13-35-22 2016-12-16-13-35-36 2016-12-16-13-36-12 2016-12-16-13-36-31 2016-12-16-13-36-43 2016-12-16-13-37-16 2016-12-16-13-37-55 2016-12-16-13-38-02




































































































































































Our last term in Primary school !!




























































































































































JEP Programme
























































































































Sports Day at AIT











































Army Day Out

Second Class Archive

2016-11-18-13-38-17 2016-11-18-14-18-47 2016-11-18-14-20-41 2016-11-18-14-21-58 2016-11-18-14-23-11 2016-11-18-14-23-51We have been learning all about Space in SESE. We read about the Space Race between Russia and America. We learnt about the first moon landing and Neil Armstrong. We learnt about how the Earth moves around the sun, and the moon moves around the Earth. Finally, we also learnt about the 8 planets. As a result, we decided to create 2D and 3D models of the Solar System as a project at home. Some of us also wrote really interesting facts about the planets. We worked very hard and all of our creations were amazing. We individually presented our projects to the class. Ms. Campbell was very proud of us.

2016-10-25-15-15-39 2016-10-25-15-16-01 2016-10-25-15-16-14 2016-10-25-15-16-23 2016-10-25-15-16-36 2016-10-25-15-17-22 2016-10-25-15-17-29 2016-10-25-15-17-39 2016-10-25-15-17-47 2016-10-25-15-17-54 2016-10-25-15-18-44 2016-10-25-15-19-02 2016-10-25-15-19-15 2016-10-25-15-19-24 2016-10-25-15-19-36 2016-10-25-15-19-54 2016-10-25-15-20-03 2016-10-25-15-20-12

Second class have had a busy start to the year. We wrote really interesting recounts in English. We have been learning poems – maybe ask us to recite one! We started our graded reading programme and there are so many interesting books. Ms. Campbell is reading us George’s Marvellous Medicine. We have also been learning lots of new vocabulary, songs, poems and even carrying out roleplays in Irish!

We really enjoyed Maths week. We started each day with a riddle! What starts with T ends with T and has T in it……………A teapot! We played ‘Who wants to be a Mathionnaire’ with Ms. Keane and we carried out Maths trails and created beautiful Art using 2D shape patterns. We played Crack the Code relays for PE.

In History, we have created a class timeline. We learnt about Thomas Edison, who is perhaps the greatest inventor of all time! We talked about myths and legends as well, and know all about the Salmon of Knowledge. Poor Finnegas!

We have discussed our school community in Geography and have been busy drawing street maps and bird’s eye views of rooms.

In science we learnt about the skeleton, teeth, the red fox, the migrating swallow and Ireland’s tallest native tree- the Ash tree.

We’ve also been practising out Art skills. We drew self-portraits, blended chalks to create colourful autumn leaves and we painted beautiful autumn trees. We are now working on our Halloween art – we have painted pumpkins and will be painting another horrifying Halloween scene this week. We’ve been singing lots of lovely songs in music.

In PE we have played games like Gladiator, Gladiator and we have been practising our athletic and soccer skills. We really enjoyed the skipping day and so many of us are super skippers now!

We have really earned our Halloween break!















As the .
































































November & December 20162016-12-16-09-31-082016-12-16-09-32-07

2016-12-16-09-32-51 2016-12-16-09-32-58 2016-12-16-11-29-30 2016-12-16-11-30-00 2016-12-16-11-30-38 2016-12-16-11-31-52 2016-12-16-11-32-05 2016-12-16-11-32-17 2016-12-16-11-32-40 2016-12-16-11-33-09 2016-12-16-11-33-15

2nd class have had a busy Winter so far. In SESE we learnt all about Space and the Space Race. We also learnt all about Sound, Homes and Homelessness and Christmas in the Past.


























We learnt about symmetry, fractions and money; to name a few things, in Maths.




We wrote really interesting narrative stories ensuring we included interesting characters, settings, a problem and a resolution.


















We created beautiful Winter tree scenes and Snowmen. We are making a special Christmas canvas as a surprise for our Mums and Dads on Christmas Day! We have been singing lots of festive songs and we really enjoyed the ‘Lighting of our School Tree’ ceremony.

Some of us have been swimming every week and a coach called Marie is really helping us improve our Gaelic football skills.

We have talked about Advent and preparing for Christmas. We are trying to do something kind every day to prepare for Christmas Day. We have started attending our ‘Do this In Memory’ Masses in preparation for First Communion.

We have worked very hard this term and are looking forward to an exciting Christmas holiday.

Nollaig Shona daoibh go léir!














January & February 2017

We have been very busy learning since coming back to school in January. We have been discussing procedural writing in English.



















We made our own banana milkshake and wrote up the recipe. We have started reading the Butterfly Lion. It is an excellent novel by Michael Murpurgo.











We have been learning lots of new words, poems, stories and songs in Irish, as well as acting out parts in roleplays.





In Maths, along with all our number facts, we have been learning about weight, time and 3D shapes. Quiz us about them at home!













We learned about heat in science and carried out an experiment to investigate temperature change in water. We all used the thermometers.























We have lots of information to tell you about China. Did you know China is the 4th largest country in the world? We learned about where silk comes from in the Legend of the silkworm and learned all about Chinese New Year which took place on the 28th February.





























We learned all about the tragic Titanic in history and are full of information about why this ‘unsinkable ship’ was not quite unsinkable!!!














We have been learning about the main mountains, rivers and lakes in Ireland as well as about the ocean and the sea surrounding our island!








In PE we have been lucky to have a rugby coach and a Gaelic coach coming every week. We will be taking part in a Ruby Blitz in Buccaneers on the 1st of March.











We have been very creative in Art too – Picasso Portraits, Chinese Dragons, Chinese Lanterns, the Sinking Titanic.








We are also busy preparing for First Confession. We look forward to celebrating this important sacrament in the church on the 7th March.





Sechtain na Gaeilge

Rinne rang a dó dramaíocht – Fionn agus an Dragún, le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge. Rinneamar jab maith agus bhí an –spórt againn!























































































Look at more of the interesting things 2nd class have been learning about in Term 2.

We learnt all about Brazil, and Pelé! We completed fantastic projects about Brazil and created some toucans to keep with our Brazilian theme.

We completed explanation writing in English. We wrote about ‘how plants get food’ because we were learning about photosynthesis in Science. We wrote book reviews about The Butterfly Lion. If you are a Michael Morpurgo fan make sure and read these to see if you too would like to read this book.

We have continued learning lots of new vocabulary in Gaeilge. Cuir ceist oraibh, ‘Cén sort gruaig atá ort?’ Rinnemar dramaíocht – Fionn agus an Dragún, le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge. Rinneamar jab maith agus bhí an –spórt againn!

We are learning about capacity in Maths. We are sorting containers according to how much liquid they can hold.

We have been playing musical sequences on the percussion instruments.

We made Easter pots out of clay, which we will decorate and fill with eggs before bringing them home for Easter.

Fourth Class Archive

Term 2

St Brigid’s Crosses

On St Brigid’s Day, February 1st, we learned how to make St Brigid’s Crosses.

Ms Gately’s Dad and Sarah’s uncle collected the rushes !

Making St Brigid’s Crosses


Click here to find out about St. Brigid. st_brigid_02

November & December 2016

We do lots of art in 4th class and it is great fun !!

2016-12-15-14-25-34 2016-12-15-14-25-24 2016-12-15-14-24-41 2016-12-15-14-24-25 2016-12-15-14-24-13 2016-12-15-14-24-08 2016-12-15-14-24-04 2016-12-15-14-23-52 2016-12-15-14-23-37 2016-12-15-14-23-29 2016-12-15-14-22-54

September & October 2016

2016-10-26-14-21-56 2016-10-26-14-22-03 2016-10-26-14-22-10 2016-10-26-14-22-20 2016-10-26-14-22-48 2016-10-26-14-23-06 2016-10-26-14-23-12 2016-10-26-14-23-22 2016-10-26-14-23-45 2016-10-26-14-24-06 2016-10-26-14-24-21 2016-10-26-14-24-42 2016-10-26-14-24-54 2016-10-26-14-25-11

First Class Archive

Term 2

First Class have been very busy in January and February.

In P.E, we have been practising our dancing skills! Recently we learned the steps to lots of folk dances including Cuckoo dance, Come to Me, An Damhsa Mór and La Vinca. Have a look at some of our moves!

In Geography, we learned all about South Africa. We wrote all about the climate, the culture, the Zulu tribe and some of the beautiful animals that live there. We also made our own South African flags! In art, we made our own African Zebras using crepe paper, wool, chalk and moss.

We also learned all about Ireland and its landscape. We learned the names of the provinces and some of the counties, and had great fun trying to find them on the map! We designed our own Celtic letters using our names.

In History, we were learning all about Nelson Mandela. We learned that he was famous for bringing equal rights to everyone who lived in South Africa. We wrote all about his life, and how he spent 27 years in prison!

In Science, we used magnets to test if items were magnetic. We even tested our magnets through materials like plastic and wood!

Our writing genre for January and February was ‘Procedural Writing’. We learned all about writing instructions. We made yummy jam sandwiches and tasty rice crispie buns with our teacher!













































































































































































Literacy Lift Off

Ms. Kilmartin’s First class has been very busy for the last six weeks completing the Literacy Lift Off program. We had great fun!




New Book

We got a new book every day during Literacy Lift Off. We first read our book with Mrs. McCabe, before reading it at home. We practised our prediction skills, as well as figuring out lots of new words!





Familiar Reading

At the familiar reading station we read our books from the night before, with Ms. Kilmartin. We practised becoming quick readers and talking about the story, as well as learning lots about punctuation, grammar and spellings.



At the writing station, Mrs. McCullagh helped us to write a sentence based on our familiar book. We got lots of practise with letter formation and spelling tricky words!







Our phonics station was very busy! We practised our spelling and dictation on our whiteboards, and learned lots of grammar too. Mrs. Cronnolly also helped us with our spelling tests every Friday.







Word Work

At the word work station, we used magnet boards and letters to practise our word building strategies with Mr. Kilbride.









We got to use the ipads every morning to practise our spelling and grammar on the Spelling Bee app!


Children in First Class took part in the Operation Transformation “10 @ 10” campaign. They engaged in running and jumping activities as well as a fun dance class! It was a great way to start the day. All of the children had great fun as you can see in the pictures below!



































































November & December 2016

img_6006 img_6195 img_6196 img_6312In History we have been learning about toys in the past. We interviewed our parents and grandparents to see what games and toys they played when they were the same age as us! A lot of the mammies and grannies played with dolls and teddies while the daddies and grandads played with tin cars and toy soldiers. Some of us even brought in our parents and grandparents special toys. We had great fun looking at the different items.


For the month of November we have been learning all about Space! We can tell you lots about the Sun, Moon, Solar System and constellations. For Science Week we experimented with different mixtures and made 3D moons with shaving foam and glue. It was a little bit messy but we had great fun! Ms Kennelly came in to teach us a fun lesson for Science Week. We were given dirty water and had to try to clean it. It was great fun.


This month we have been very busy!!! We have been writing fun Christmas fairy-tale stories. We made beautiful Christmas decorations using lollipop sticks which are hanging proudly on our Christmas trees. We talked about advertising at Christmas and we created our own advertisements of our favourite toys.

September & October


First Class has been very busy since coming back to school after the summer holidays.

Our writing genre for September and October was “Report Writing”. We went on a nature trail with Ms Shine to look for the signs of Autumn. When we came back from our trail we wrote about it. In poetry, we decided to write an acrostic poem using our own names – this was great fun!

In SESE we have been learning about people at work in our locality and mapping important buildings in Bealnamulla and Monksland.

We recently took part in Maths Week where we enjoyed lots of fun activities which included a Maths Trail, bingo, board games, maths art and we even made numbers with our bodies!

Have a look at the pictures below to see what else we have been up to!

img_5648 img_5666 img_5680 img_5681 img_5682 img_5683 img_5684 img_5685 img_5686 img_5688 img_5689

Fifth Class Archive

2016-10-11-10-38-04 2016-10-11-10-37-50 2016-10-11-10-37-07 2016-10-11-10-36-33 2016-10-11-10-36-24 2016-10-11-10-36-09
























































November and December 2016

2016-12-15-14-19-42 2016-12-15-14-19-18 2016-12-15-14-18-35 2016-12-15-14-18-22 2016-12-15-14-17-55 2016-12-15-14-17-37











Term 2

Grandparent’s Day

On Wednesday the 1st of February, it was Grandparent’s Day. Twelve grandparents came to fifth class to talk about their childhood memories. First we said some prayers and then we played some tin-whistle songs. Next we asked our grandparents questions about their lives. After we finished our questions we showed our grandparents a dance called: “The Bunny Hop”. Some grandparents joined in. We had a great time. After that we had some afternoon tea with a delicious selection of homemade buns, cupcakes, muffins and cookies. Unfortunately some of the grandparents had to leave. We had a great time! We love our grandparents!

By Emma, Shauna & Tegan


Visit to the Army Barracks

5th and 6th visit the Army Barracks


Junior Infants Archive

Term 2 2016/2017




























































































































































































November and December 2016

2016-12-20-10-46-20 2016-12-20-10-46-14 2016-12-20-10-45-45 2016-12-20-10-45-33 2016-12-20-10-44-56 2016-12-20-10-44-44 2016-12-20-10-44-37 2016-12-20-10-43-20


September & October 2016

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