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World Book Day

World Book Day

We really enjoyed World Book Day.

Firstly, Ms McCullagh read us the story of The Rainbow Fish. Rainbow Fish was showing off his shimmering scales. A little blue fish came and asked him for a small scale but he roared no at the poor little fish. We won’t spoil the plot but the moral of the story is if you are kind and sharing you will have lots of friends but if you are selfish and unkind no-one will want to play with you!

Then we illustrated our own covers for the novel we are reading: James and the Giant peach. We answered comprehension questions based on the novel and we also used our visualising strategy to draw a picture to accompany chapter 14.

Throughout the day we had DEAR time. Whenever we heard the bell ringing we had to drop everything and read!

After lunch, we had great fun working in groups to act out the scene where the peach is ready to roll down the steep hill and escape James’ two repulsive aunts! James and the insects are off on an exciting adventure! We wonder where they will end up?

Finally, we made our own bookmarks. We made lots of colourful creations that will come in handy to mark the page we’re on when we are reading.


Proclamation Day March 15

Proclamation Day March 15 @ 12 noon

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  • Proclamation Day
  • Proclamation Day



Introduction by the  Principal

Reading of the Proclamation

Reading of the Children’s Proclamation

Raising of the Flag

Music:  Amhran na bhFiann   (Tin whistles 6th Class, Singing by 4th, 5th & 6th)

Poem: 4th Class


Parents are invited to view projects on 1916 which will be displayed in the hall from 9.30 to 1.30.